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Title tracks from 10 underrated groups that are worth checking out

With so many K-Pop groups popping up left and right, it's so easy for some of these groups to get buried among the huge pile and not get the recognition they deserve. They have such great title tracks but weren't given the proper love and attention. So, here's a list of title tracks from 10 underrated groups that are worth checking out. 

DKB - Sober

This 9-member boy group under Brave Entertainment has some of the best title tracks since their debut. If you're familiar with Brave Entertainment style music or Brave Sounds. you would absolutely love how perfect they are carrying it. Sober is the title track of their 4th mini album, Rebel released back in April. It's a fun hip-hop and trap rhythm base song about not being brave enough to confess their feelings while being sober. They even have a remix version of the song. 

Bvndit - VENOM

2022 being the year of the VENOMs, this five-member girl group under MNH Entertainment released this fun EDM hip-hop song as the title track for their long-awaited third mini album, ‘Re-Original.’ The album was the group’s first release after two years, and they showed that they're back and powerful as ever, totally slaying it. 

Rocket Punch - Flash

You may or may not have heard of this one: but this super cute 6-member girl group from Woollim Entertainment is ready for action! Just as with most of their other songs, these girls always have catchy hooks and melodies, making it more interesting to listen to and constantly alluring you. 


Debuted on January 2019 under Jellyfish Entertainment, this 7-member boy group is always doing powerful title tracks. This strong synth sound and 808 bass song was released as the title track of their fourth mini album, “FACE YOU,” a comeback announced just a few hours after the end of the show, "Road To Kingdom," in which the group participated and did so well in. 

A.C.E - Changer

This group of five years debuted back in May 2017 and certainly deserved more recognition. This group is constantly coming up with great music, being talented performers, and not to mention, they're super cute and fun too. Changer is the last comeback they had as a full group before the members went for their military enlistment. 

Golden Child - Burn It

You might know Choi Bomin as the cute guy who plays Seo Jiho in the Kdrama 18 Again, but if you didn't know, he's actually an idol and a super talented one too. He is in the group Golden Child, also under Woollim entertainment, along with 9 other members, all equally as talented and great. They also competed in Road To Kingdom alongside Verivery and showed amazing performances that also included member, Joochan, who beautifully played the violin live on stage, where he sampled Paganini's 24 Caprices No.24 In A Minor Op.1. 

Weki Meki - Picky Picky

Also debuted in 2017, this 8-member girl group under Fantagio Entertainment are a bunch of super-talented girls. This funky and upbeat title track is from their second mini album, “LOCK END LOL,” released in 2019. The girls showed off their charm of being able to be versatile, where they switched between being sweet schoolgirls and fierce girl crush rockers. Despite the title, these girls are not picky in doing any concepts thrown at them. 

UP10TION - Spin Off

UP10TION might be the oldest group on this list, as they debuted back in 2015. This 10-member group under TOP Media has been around for so long but is still not getting the recognition they deserved, despite their remarkable talents. Spin Off is a track off their second full-length album, “CONNECTION,” a song about a new world that begins when they overcome their limits. This upbeat song was written by members Bitto and Kuhn. 

BDC - Remember Me

BDC is a trio under Brand New Music, consisting of the trainees who competed on the show Produce X 101. They were acknowledged for their vocal talents despite not making it to the finals, and fans were beyond excited when it was announced that they were debuting. Despite being only three of them, their powerful vocals and energy do not feel lacking at all.

Cherry Bullet - Love So Sweet

FNC Entertainment's 7-member girl group released this super fun and a fresh retro-based synth-pop song off their 1st Mini Album, Cherry Rush. A song that is so sweet that it will give you a sugar rush just by listening to it. It would be worse when you watch their music video because these girls are absolutely stunning as well.

  1. A.C.E
  2. BDC
  4. Cherry Bullet
  5. DKB
  6. Golden Child
  7. Bomin
  8. Rocket Punch
  9. UP10TION
  11. Weki Meki
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Deidra211 pts Tuesday, October 18, 2022 0
Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Venom by BVNBIT is such good song it one my favorite by them. Same with Flash by Rocket and picky picky by Weki Meki.

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EverydayJiayou6,071 pts Tuesday, October 18, 2022 0
Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Let me introduce you all to the masterpiece known as "Karma" by KINGDOM! A relatively unknown group, but their title tracks are very cinematic and tell a story about a particular king in history or in legend somewhere in the world. This one happens to be my favorite KINGDOM title track!

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