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Set-list for the INK INCHEON KPOP-Concert 2022 reveals that the majority of the groups were lip-syncing to the surprise of many

After the INK INCHEON KPOP Concert was held on the 1st of October, Korean netizens are voicing their shock at the number of groups that did not perform live at the concert but instead opted to lip-sync. After the set list emerged online for the concert, many K-netizens and international fans alike were happy to receive a sneak peek. However, the lack of live vocals from the majority of the groups shocked many.

The groups for the concert, based on the break-down of live vs. recorded vocals, all fall into three groups: LIVE AR (Live All Recorded, no mic live during the performance), LIVE MR (Live Music Recorded, mic on/off during performance) and MR only (Music Recorded, mic on for all of the performance). The break-down for singers who sang and didn't sing life is as follows:

MR only (Music Recorded, mic on)

The only group that performed without LIVE AR or MR but only with MR (Music recorded) was MAMAMOO. Leading many netizens on NAVER to praise the group's performance and vocal stability. As well as the fact that the group even in their eight years continues to sing live.

LIVE MR (Live Music Recorded, mic on/off during performance).

The groups that performed with LIVE MR are the amazingly talented Rumble-G and VIVIZ. A lot of netizens were quick to point out that it was only girl groups that either performed with LIVE MR or only MR. Indeed we are living in a new girl group revolution era in Kpop.


2. Rumble-G

LIVE AR (Live All Recorded, no mic live during the performance)

The groups that used LIVE AR, meaning no live mics used the performance, consisted of Kep1er, Billie, EPEXDRIPPINCIXJo Yu-riGolden Child, and MOONBIN & SANHA. Netizens were quick to point out that while using a backtrack or some lip-syncing is acceptable during a performance's most challenging choreography parts, this is a live concert and not a digital single. Fans and audience members expect groups to perform live for the most part.

1. Kep1er

2. Billie


4. CIX

5. Jo Yu-ri

6. Golden Child


    8. DRIPPIN

    What do you think should idol groups be expected to perform live during concerts and not lip-syncing? Should Live MR be the maximum allowed playback to be played during a live performance? 

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    1. Moonbin
    2. Sanha
    3. Billlie
    4. CIX
    5. DRIPPIN
    6. EPEX
    7. Golden Child
    8. Jo Yu Ri
    9. Kep1er
    10. MAMAMOO
    11. VIVIZ
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    hgxiaomingg802 pts Sunday, October 2, 2022 5
    Sunday, October 2, 2022

    why lip sync if you’re a singer ? aren’t singers supposed to sing live ?

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    ed-zheimer4,520 pts Sunday, October 2, 2022 2
    Sunday, October 2, 2022

    Some would say it's because of the choreography 🙄....and there's Mamamoo who prove that when you're real singers you can absolutely dance and perform live.

    I am a proud moomoo 🤗

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