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Park Soo Hong's older brother officially indicted for embezzlement


TV personality Park Soo Hong's older brother and his brother's wife were officially indicted on embezzlement charges.

On October 7, the Seoul Western District Prosecutor's Office indicted Park Soo Hong's older brother, Park Jin Hong, on charges of embezzlement under the Act on Aggravated Punishment on Specific Economic Crimes and also indicted his brother's wife, Lee, without detention.

Park Jin Hong is accused of extorting 6.17 billion KRW (4.3 million USD), including company funds and Park Soo Hong's personal funds, while setting up an entertainment agency from 2011 to 2021. 

Park Jin Hong is accused of embezzling 1.9 billion KRW (1.34 million USD) from the company through false accounting of labor costs and using 1.17 billion KRW (824,000 USD) to purchase a building. He also misappropriated 180 million KRW (127,000 USD) of company funds in other ways, such as credit card payments.

During investigations, it was also found that Park Jin Hong had withdrawn 2.9 billion KRW (2 million USD) from Park Soo Hong's personal bank account without permission.

Park Soo Hong's father claimed that he had managed Park Soo Hong's personal funds during the prosecution investigation. However, the prosecution determined that Park Jin Hong had stolen 2.9 billion KRW from Park Soo Hong while managing his brother's money.

Park Soo Hong's legal representative, attorney Noh Jong Eon argued that Park Soo Hong's father was trying to prevent the punishment of his son Park Jin Hong by abusing the provisions of the Criminal Code on kinship rites.

The Criminal Act stipulates that the punishment is exempted for property crimes such as theft and fraud between relatives and spouses within the fourth degree. If the father embezzles Park Soo Hong's personal funds, no one will be punished according to the provisions of the Relative Honor Code.

The father is said to have continued to threaten Park Soo Hong after he sued his older brother. On October 4, he even assaulted Park Soo Hong before the prosecution's investigation.

After the arrest of Park Jin Hong on the 13th of last month, the prosecution revealed an additional amount of embezzlement of 4 billion KRW (2.8 million USD) and confirmed that Mrs. Lee was also involved in some of the embezzlement.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to establish life insurance-related suspicions as a crime. Since the policyholder, beneficiary, and payer is Park Soo Hong, it is judged that there is not enough evidence to conclude that Park Jin Hong was trying to get the insurance money, forced his younger brother to buy insurance, or collect the insurance payment.

Earlier, Park Soo Hong's side claimed that Park Jin Hong recommended taking out insurance and that the accumulated payment of eight life insurance policies reached 1.4 billion KRW (985,000 USD).

Prosecutors said that they could not find any other criminal charges other than the fact that they spent 1.17 billion KRW (823,000 USD) in the purchase process in relation to the building owned by Park Jin Hong and his wife with a market value of 10 billion KRW (7 million USD).

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LittleSukie8,609 pts Friday, October 7, 2022 0
Friday, October 7, 2022

Usually, when you have shitty family, God compensates you with really good friends. I just hope Park Soo Hong has good support system elsewhere , that he is loved and cared for elsewhere when his own family failed to do so. It makes me sad. Parents are supposed to protect their children not traumatize them further. In this case, I wish everyone involved are punished properly. And yes,I love this name and shame game. Dad, Brother and his wife will have tough time in public after this and deservedly so.

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Jeneral_Kanina1,308 pts Friday, October 7, 2022 1
Friday, October 7, 2022

I bet PSH find out about all this details thru his lawyer's investigation and not by himself, imagine how you'd feel when every details surpass your suspicions.

Now, the prosecutor aren't doing anything about the assault that happened in front of him? Even if PSH side not doing anything about it, as a law upholder, a crime happened in front of him, he should uphold the law according to his KPI and Korea's Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas should be prosecuted.

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