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Former TRCNG members who redebuted as APR PROJECT open up about their lives after disbandment


Former TRCNG members opened up about their lives after the disbandment back in March.

As reported previously, former members Jihun, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, and Kangmin redebuted as APR PROJECT with their first single, 'BOYHOOD I S#1' back in June. They released their new single 'BOYHOOD I S#2' earlier this month. 

In an interview with Xsports News, the members honestly opened up about having fewer members now and about their individual livelihoods after the disbandment.

Jihun said, "There was a lot of pressure, because the number of members were fewer now and we didn't know how to express certain performances." Hyunwoo added, "There is more responsibility now. I think a lot about our ex-members (of TRCNG)."

Hyunwoo also revealed that he "felt regrettable for having idled away his time" during his early twenties. But he shared that he has a "stronger mentality now" thanks to the experience. He said he "wondered how to live" his "life from now on." Hyunwoo was the one who wanted to gather the members again to be on stage. Only four out of eight original members decided to redebut, but Hyunwoo said they respected the other members' decisions to "find new careers or enter the army." 

Member Siwoo shared that after the disbandment he "tried studying, working out, and helping out" his mother's office work and his father's convenience store labor. Hyunwoo further revealed that he also worked part-time during the hiatus period and "lived a very ordinary life."

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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Just like I have stated on TRCNG kpop profile before, this is what the original members are currently doing:

Hayoung is now a producer and song writer underneath the english name 'Luke'.

His producer page is luke_hy0822.

Taeseon appears to have signed with GGA Family as he is seen in multiple posts with the companies official page. Taeseon also has an active instagram page for his new puppy.

Kangmin was also on Wild Idol but did not debut in the final group.

Wooyeop was posting content on his youtube channel.

Jihun acted in the K Drama 'Doctor Stranger'.

You can also view the other comments I have added with updates on TRCNG's member official kpop profile~

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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Hope they are able to make music and perform as they want to this time without the company getting in the way of that. Good luck!

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