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BLACKPINK's "PINK VENOM" reached #1 this week on YouTube's Top 100 Songs Global chart

BLACKPINK continues to sweep charts worldwide with their album "BORN PINK" and the songs included on it.

The official YouTube account has just reported that BLACKPINK's "PINK VENOM" has remained at No. 1 on the platform's Top 100 Global Songs this week.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK on another outstanding achievement!

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btspopper1982-145 pts Saturday, September 24, 2022 0
Saturday, September 24, 2022

This is such a disgrace for a so called "biggest girl group". Their media play company doing every trick up their sleeve to create fake hype and payola..spotify deals after having dates with spotify CEO (listen to the album for free for 1 week and all streams counted as premium streams with minimum filtering), youtube ads, having 30 plus versions of albums and albums selling cheaper than Mcnuggets, them girlies promoting and shopping at target, having buying parties, giving discounts after discounts for the album, them girlies posting on where to buy the albums, them being sad not enough ppl buying for them to get that No.1 which they're so desperate for

(to gain sympathy from their fans to buy more), discounts for their tour, paying youtubers and influencers to react and promote to their album..I won't be surprised atp if they have not already paid BB for that No.1, they're literally begging atp.

Just look at all these media play articles written on this trashy alkpoop site will tell you what they're doing.

Such a trashy and fraud group 🤮🤮. They should just stick to modelling and endorsements if they still have any sense of shame left.

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