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Netizens share their thoughts on Girls' Generation's long-awaited comeback 'FOREVER 1'


Netizens shared their thoughts on Girls' Generation's long-awaited comeback album 'FOREVER 1'

On August 5, one netizen took to an onine community platform and created a post titled. "What do you guys thinks about Girls' Generation's new track?" Here, the netizen wrote, "Everyone's visuals are so frickin' pretty, but I'm a bit disappointed considering the fact that it's a comeback after 5 years. Objectively speaking, you can feel that they didn't pay close attention to their style and to the track. It's a song that feels like it would be released as some special single for a 10th debut anniversary or something."

Some netizens expressed their disappointment in Girls' Generation's new album:

"Without worrying about ranking on the music chart, it seems like they released music solely for their fans."

"We should just be satisfied with the fact that they finally released a song after so long. Because so many good songs are released from idols these days, ['FOREVER 1'] was just average to me. It wasn't bad nor good, just average. Haha."

"If you watched the music video, all you can think of is how pretty YoonA is. To that extent, the song wasn't catchy."

"Listening to all the B-side tracks, they do seem like songs that the public would listen to only once and mostly just their fans would listen to it."

"I knew they would release music that is only up to this quality."

"Was this the best that they could offer? TT."

Others had nothing but praise for Girls' Generation:

"What are you talking about? The song is so good!"

"The song is so good. I can't wait to see their stage performance."

"Girls' Generation are so pretty. I liked [the song] as soon as I listened to it."

"I love the 2nd idol generation music style of Girls' Generation, that diverts from today's style."

"The song is so good lollll."

"It's the perfect song to listen to during the summer."

"But the song is really good, for real!"

What are your thoughts on Girls' Generation's comeback album 'FOREVER 1'?

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soshilovelife1,875 pts Saturday, August 6, 2022 0
Saturday, August 6, 2022

I was smiling all he way throught the song because you could see the girls were happy to reunite with their fans one more time, but this is kpop, fuck feelings and let's focus on charts because enjoying is not complete without numbers.

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cclysy2,411 pts Saturday, August 6, 2022 3
Saturday, August 6, 2022

If I’m being honest, I feel like I’m overlooking the actual quality and concept of the album because of how much I missed the girls. It’s not a bad comeback, but considering how much time and effort it took to finally get all 8 members together, I feel like it wasn’t really up to par.

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