Posted by Susan-Han Saturday, August 13, 2022

How netizens are reacting to former AB6IX member Lim Young Min releasing a new single


On August 13, former AB6IX member Lim Young Min released a new single through his label Brand New Music, titled "Broken Wings". 

As many fans know, Lim Young Min announced his departure from AB6IX after being flagged for driving under the influence in June of 2020. In November of the same year, he enlisted for his mandatory military service. 

Then, in May of this year, Lim Young Min published a handwritten letter announcing that he had been discharged his mandatory military service, and also began at his return to activities. 

Now, approximately 3 months later, Lim Young Min has released a new single, signaling intentions to continue promotions as a solo artist. 

K-netizens reacted with comments like,

"This is an insult to AB6IX's name. He ruined AB6IX's comeback when they were on the rise. Doesn't Brand New Music care about AB6IX's future?"
"Do you know who broke those wings? You."
"If you're gonna crawl back out from the shadows, at least make a decent song. This sucks."
"Are they expecting to actually make money off of him?"
"Brand New, please throw your misplaced loyalty in the trash."
"Is this song supposed to be funny? Because I'm laughing."
"I guess he was Brand New's favorite."
"Ah, the one who broke his own wings."
"I'm so sick of people treating DUIs like they're not a crime."
"It should be 'Drunken Wings' instead of 'Broken Wings'." 
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Secretninja3127,254 pts Saturday, August 13, 2022 2
Saturday, August 13, 2022

Did he make a bad choice? Yes he did. A DUI is no joking matter and a serious offense. Thank god no one got hurt. But should that be the thing that defines him as a person? No. I don't think Youngmin is a bad person in general. He's been a caring leader and looked out for his group mates in the past, and aside from this, he hasn't done anything else questionable or bad. Even good people make mistakes and bad choices from time to time. Doesn't mean they can't be allowed to learn from it, grow, and move on with life. If we're not allowed to change, work to be better and move forward from our mistakes/bad choices we made then there is no point in living. He clearly is sorry about what he did, he paid the price for it, took time away from music and the industry, reflect on his actions, did his military service, and still came back and apologized again. This is something that will follow him forever but it doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a chance to come back, release music and prove himself. If you don't like him, just click away. Bullying him and throwing negative comments at him doesn't make you the better person.


I'm sick of everyone acting like if you're not a perfect person since birth who's never done, look, or said anything wrong, you don't deserve to succeed. It's like even if a person has done 1000 good things, they do 1 bad thing, that's all people judge them by, and it's disgusting how especially k-celebs are treated in these so called "fans" or "netizens" eyes. There's more to a person than the mistakes and bad choices they've made. And people wonder why so many idols and entertainers suffer from so much mental health issues.

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Violetta12312,291 pts Saturday, August 13, 2022 0
Saturday, August 13, 2022

He made a mistake. He deserves a chance to live it down. Holier than thou keyboard warriors make me sick to my stomach. Pretending that they've never done a thing wrong in their entire lives, when all they ever do is bully and bitch about other people. Go and sit in judgment on yourselves first for your own appalling behaviour, before you start in on someone else.

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