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Breaking down the barriers as trailblazers for K-pop: The long-list of BTS's achievements In The U.S.

BTS Performing "Butter". 64th AnnualGRAMMY Award. Las Vegas

BTS took the 2022 GRAMMY Awards stage with their mesmerizing “Butter’” performance on a Sunday Night in April (4/3). It was their first in-person solo performance since the 2020 stage collaboration with Lil Nas. The global superstars infiltrated the GRAMMY stage as undercover agents: Jungkook entering on a wire, V hiding out in the audience and talking with Olivia Rodrigo before entering the stage, and so on. BTS delivered their GRAMMY-nominated song “Butter” with an outstanding 007-inspired performance, receiving standing ovations from the audience. For two years, BTS has been nominated for the GRAMMY Best Pop Duo Group Performance for two years. Their nominated songs “Dynamite” and “Butter” topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for consecutive weeks. Since the release of “Dynamite” on 2020, BTS has been experiencing record-breaking moments in the American popular music industry.

After attending the 2017 BBMAs and the American Music Award, BTS made their first appearances on NBC’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! And CBS’ The Late Late Show. The fandom ARMY’s overflowing supportive and enthusiastic response attracts the attention of mainstream awards ceremonies, TV programs, and the music and entertainment industry overall. Everyone later come to anticipate BTS’ next comeback, and this led to more exposure of the K-pop group as an artist and a genre in the U.S Market. For each new song or album released, BTS would top charts and perform in American mainstream award ceremonies and TV Programs. Kim Dong Joon, president of HYBE 360, says, “the artists have grown step by step in the U.S, starting with small concert halls, working their way up through arenas and into stadiums, just like they did in Korea” (Magazine Weverse). K-pop is getting normalized in the U.S Music Industry and Market as other K-pop groups follow BTS’ steps and enter the Scene.

Here is the list of What BTS, As the First K-Pop Group, Has Achieved In The U.S:

  • 2017 – Attend and win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards
  • 2017 – Perform at the American Music Awards
  • 2018 – Perform and win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards
  • 2018 – Win Favorite Social Artist at the AMAs
  • 2019 – Win Top Social Artist and Top Duo/Group at the Billboard Music Awards
  • 2019 – Win Favorite Social Artist, Favorite Duo or Group Pop/Rock, and Tour of the Year at the AMAs
  • 2020 – BTS’ “Dynamite” topped the Billboard HOT 100 chart for 3 consecutive weeks
  • 2020 – BTS’ “Life Goes on” topped the Billboard HOT 100 chart
  • 2020 – Win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards
  • 2020 – Win Favorite Social Artist at the AMAs
  • 2020 – Attend the GRAMMYs and Perform a Collaboration Stage
  • 2021 – BTS’s “Butter” topped the Billboard HOT 100 chart for 7 consecutive weeks (also the 8th song in history to spend the 1st seven weeks at #1)
  • 2021 – BTS’ “Permission to Dance” topped the Billboard HOT 100
  • 2021 – Win Top Social Artist, Top Duo/Group, Top Song Sales Artist, and Top Selling Song at the Billboard Music Awards
  • 2021 – Win Artist of the Year at the AMAs
  • 2022 – Perform at the GRAMMY Music Awards

Many U.S mainstream TV programs have now opened their doors to other K-pop groups and artists, widening the market for K-pop in the U.S Music Industry. American record labels and music companies are bringing more aspects of K-pop to the U.S. BTS’s popularity in the U.S has also impacted the economy as ARMYS often fly from different states or countries to attend BTS’ concerts. This year, BTS has sold out all four Las Vegas concert shows even before they were made available to the general public.

6 years into the America Music Scene and they continue to create amazing music and performances. As BTS matures, they want to expand their music and break the K-pop limitations as a genre. “For BTS, that meant ignoring the limitations placed on earlier K-pop groups and establishing themselves as the princes of global pop,” said Bang Si Hyuk, HYBE Chairman, via Time Magazine.

BTS is an unprecedented phenomenon, breaking the barrier and walls for K-Pop in the U.S and global music industry, and we’re all here witnesses for more great things yet to come.

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Legends 👏

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Something about them is special, it's a variety of things their music, personalities come together in something that people are attracted to them, every day they have new fans,they totally deserve everything they have achieved

It's a pity that this type of article only becomes a magnet for trolls and haters

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