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A video of a catfight between Park Eun Bin and Lee Se Young as child actresses spreads online


A video of the fight between Park Eun Bin and Lee Se Young is spreading online. In the video, the two actresses were physically fighting without mercy.

On August 11, a post titled 'Collection of the fights between Lee Se Young and Park Eun Bin' was created, and the video quickly spread on the web. The videos were a recording of the two actresses physically fighting against each other.

However, netizens are saying these videos are rather adorable. This is because the videos were the scenes from a drama that the two actresses appeared in when they were both children.

The MBC drama 'My Love Patzzi' aired 20 years ago in 2002, and the two actresses appeared as child actors. Park Eun Bin played the child role of actress Hong Eun Hee's character, while Lee Se Young played the child role of Jang Na Ra's character.

In the drama, the two were rivals and were seen fighting in various scenes. In one scene, the two were fighting in the classroom, and the fight began when Lee Se Young threw a shoe at Park Eun Bin. The fight grew to a full-out catfight where the two actresses were seen pulling on each other's hairs.

Netizens were impressed by the acting skills of the two young actresses but also couldn't help but say how adorable they were.

Netizens commented, "Oh my lol," "They fought a lot lol," "They are so cute," "They were really babies," "They are the cutest in the world," "It's really as it says in the title, lol," "I really want them to reunite in a drama," "They really grew up so much," "They are so adorable," "They are so good at acting even though they're just babies," and "This is so cute."

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

What kind of USELESS click bait is this?????

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Wow Lee se young hasn't changed at all

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