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Ock Joo Hyun's past remark about the production team coming to ask her about casting comes to light again


In light of the recent controversy in the musical industry where Ock Joo Hyun has been accused of using personal connections to get her close acquaintances cast for musicals, the singer's past remark has grabbed netizens' attention.

Back in 2015, Ock Joo Hyun appeared as a special guest with musical actors Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Sung Rok, and Kim Soo Yong on 'Radio Star' to promote their new musical. During this episode, the actors talked about the various things that go on in the musical industry and also shared about the charisma Ock Joo Hyun has. 

The actors praised Ock Joo Hyun for maintaining her voice and throat well. Ock Joo Hyun explained she doesn't even drink during the musical season, so she has the best condition for her throat. Additionally, actor Kim Soo Yong added that Ock Joo Hyun has humidifiers in the waiting rooms so her throat won't be dry. Actor Lee Ji Hoon also mentioned how sensitive Ock Joo Hyun is when it comes to singing and that the humidity level has to be a certain level in the theater. He explained, "Ock Joo Hyun goes to the theater to set the humidity level herself. She goes to the stage director and tells him to set it at a specific level."

In particular, netizens gathered their attention when the cast members of the musical began talking about the process in which they were cast. Actor Lee Ji Hoon shared that the production company must have had a hard time casting Shin Sung Rok, so they asked Lee Ji Hoon to play two different roles for the musical. However, after the musical production company was able to confirm Shin Sung Rok's casting, they called Lee Ji Hoon to tell him he could play the part he had previously played and not two roles.

In response, Ock Joo Hyun added, "There was a time they (the production company) asked me about all this (the casting issue)," causing the other actors to joke, saying, "She was controlling all the situation in the back without us knowing." The 'Radio Star' MCs at the time also joked, "She's the chairman above the CEO of the production company," as she explained that she had advised on the casting of Shin Sung Rok.

The MCs half-jokingly referred to Ock Joo Hyun as chairwoman Ock and asked her to explain. She further elaborated that she felt Shin Sung Rok would be an excellent fit for the role, so she suggested he gets the role.

With the recent commotion in the musical industry, Ock Joo Hyun's past remarks are gaining negative attention. Ock Joo Hyun filed a lawsuit against musical actor Kim Ho Young who posted a message alluding that Ock Joo Hyun had gotten her close acquaintances' roles in the musical 'Elizabeth' through her personal connections. After the post was made, Ock Joo Hyun immediately filed a lawsuit against Kim Ho Young for defamation. However, many veteran musical actors are stepping up to speak about the issue of unfair casting and putting weight on Kim Ho Young's claims.

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SagaMasa9 pts Thursday, June 23, 2022 0
Thursday, June 23, 2022

i don't understand why she is made to be the whipping boy for an industry that clearly already fostered this kind of culture to begin with. Why are the 'veterans' and musical staff who built this industry to be this way allowed to sit in the back and pretend like they didn't create this mess but act like they're the ones going to champion a new era by starting a scapegoat scenario where they all don't own up to their contributions and instead try to put the whole industries issues all on OJH alone? how many of them who are sharing the SNS message are 100% guilt clean of not partaking in using connections to get jobs or using their influence to get people jobs. There is also a big difference in a production crew asking someone for recommendations and someone going to the crew for favours.

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blue19973,139 pts Thursday, June 23, 2022 0
Thursday, June 23, 2022

I’m glad she gave her opinion. In the end it was the stage director who made the final decision. Many people don’t know that he can sing and loves being on stage and struggled to get recognition in both musicals and small screen. There is no need for LJH to play 2 roles when they can give someone else a chance.

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