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Ken Rhee releases videos of his time in Ukraine and shares that he almost died


Former captain Ken Rhee, who fought in Ukraine, released videos from the time he was in Ukraine and explained that he had almost lost his life.


On June 18, Ken Rhee posted a video titled "Facts About the International Legion Fighting in Ukraine" on his YouTube channel ROKSEAL. The video was recorded by Ken Rhee himself and showed fellow international soldiers injured.

Ken Rhee explained, "We would have all died if we stay there," and added, "We were really lucky."

Previously, Ken Rhee was also interviewed by YouTuber Solnamoo Song in Ukraine before he returned to Korea.

During that time, Ken Rhee revealed the details of the dangerous fight and explained, "It wasn't an attack operation, we went to reconnaissance to a certain area but shortly after we arrived, bombing fell on our location."

He continued to explain, "At the time, we were in a hangar-like place. The cannons punched holes in the ceiling and holes on the floor. We were right next to the hole." He continued to share, "I was right at the place that got hit and became a hole. I actually moved away from that place because I was saying something to someone."

Ken Rhee said, "Even looking at that, we should've died. When you're hit by a cannon, there are explosions and shock waves. But I think we lived because it rained at that place the day before, so the ground was muddy and so the explosion happened inside the ground."

Meanwhile, Ken Rhee returned to South Korea on May 27 and was sent to prosecution on charges of violating the passport law.

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What disturbs me is that regardless of his actions are and his methods, he still went to aid Ukraine and risked his life. People still shit on him because he's "using this for views" or just "making himself look good" yet those same people that think that think people like BTS are "real heroes" and deserve military exemption. Those people are a bunch of leftists and wannabe Koreans who think kpop is everything and the world should be all love and peace and sing "Kumbaya" while holding hands. They say fighting war isn't gonna solve problems but donating money can? There are people who lost lives and money is gonna resolve that too? It goes both ways but at least these people are trying to help DEFEND lives instead of just singing and dancing on stage to "help awareness".

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The people who said he only updated once while he was in Ukraine. Now you know what he was doing there. He mostly shot his entire stay there and will release it slowly.

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