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'SNOWDROP' OST LP Limited Edition is coming soon

The 'SNOWDROP' OST LP Limited edition is coming soon!

Earlier today, production company SLL announced, “The limited edition LP OST of JTBC drama 'Snowdrop' will be officially released. It will start its pre-sale from today before its official launch.”

This LP is released as two white LPs, with components such as postcards and Polaroid photos that capture vivid moments in the drama, 'Snowdrop'.”

This limited edition LP contains a total of 13 tracks completed under the overall production of music director Kim Tae-seong. First, Sung Si-kyung's 'If You Stay by My Side', composer Jehwi and singer-songwriter Kim Hee-won's 'Friend', Jehwi's 'Looks like a real thing' and Jamie Miller's 'Wishes' (Wishes )' and Kevin Oh's 'Memory Is More Than Love', along with the drama broadcast, will include songs that were officially released.

In addition, 'Youngro', 'Destiny', 'Attic', 'Paper Airplane' and 'First Snow' faithfully lead the emotions and character development of the play. The sound source of the score, which increased the level of immersion in the film, is also included, continuing the deep impression of the drama. Among them, 'Snowdrop' is a song with the message 'I go through the cold winter snow and go to the isolated person'.

Also included is the narration track for main characters Suho (Jung Hae-in) and Yeong-ro (Jisoo), which is expected to give another impression to drama fans who are sad to leave 'Seolganghwa'.

As OSTs of various genres depicting the passionate love of the two young men who became each other's hope are contained in the limited edition LP, listeners can get to know 'Seolganghwa' in a more classical way.

Many netizens showed high praise to the cast of the drama due to the spectacular way of conveying moments of tension, sentimentality as well as comedy at certain moments of the plot.

The overall cast of the drama was beautiful. Kim Jisoo and Jung Hae In as leads showed great chemistry and outstanding professionalism, which was a big part of what made this drama wonderful.

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  1. Jisoo
  2. Jung Hae In
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Thursday, May 19, 2022

they should make a cassette tape instead haaha huhuhu

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Unfortunately there are a number of factual errors in this. The standard sales sheet is around everywhere to confirm.

Its one vinyl disc, not two. It's release is 21st November (not really soon) so even if you pre order now 99% of sites like kpopmart will have stock at release (and local cheaper sites at the same time) and as far as it being a drama celebrated by netizens there has been nothing but scandal about it since the moment it was announced. Wasn't there around a million signatures to get it banned?

1. 영로 (Narration)
2. Friend 김희원
3. Looks like a real thing 제휘
4. 곁에 있어준다면 성시경
5. Snowdrop
6. Destiny
7. Attic

1. 수호 (Narration)
2. Looks like a real thing (Eng. ver) 제휘
3. Wishes Jamie Miller
4. 기억이란 사랑보다 케빈오
5. Paper Airplane
6. First Snow


As much as I like Jisoo if I were to buy the CD version is better on everything but picture size. She doesn't even sing in it but I understand why she decided not to.

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