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Netizens harshly criticize news reporters for accusing Sunmi of 'giving them the slip' + calling her a 'liar'


It's come to the attention of K-netizens that singer Sunmi recently faced rather harsh accusations by some Korean media outlet reporters. 

Earlier this week on April 26, Sunmi returned to Korea after a personal visit to the United States. On this day, numerous reporters were present at the airport to photograph the members of TWICE, who were returning from their Japanese tour. After photographing TWICE, the reporters then moved to a different gate to photograph Sunmi's arrival.

During this process, the reporters asked Sunmi's manager to confirm the location of Sunmi's arrival, and the manager named gate 'B'. However, Sunmi ended up arriving through a different gate, 'A'. 

After the incident, some media outlets published headlines about Sunmi which seemed to indicate that Sunmi had "lied" about her arrival gate in an attempt to "give reporters the slip". 

Eventually, when the media outlet reports began to draw attention, Sunmi took to her Instagram story to clarify the misunderstandings. 

She said, "In truth, I did not know that reporters would be there since I was away on an unofficial, personal trip. I was with my siblings at the time, and the manager was not with us, and so there was some miscommunication between the manager and my siblings about which gate we would arrive through. I apologize... I usually have a brighter expression when I'm at the airport, but this time, I was too flustered. (Btw.. I should mention that I was not advertising any products during this arrival.)"

Despite Sunmi's clarification, media outlets continued to publish articles and headlines slandering Sunmi's image. Some headlines stated, "A veteran artist of 15-years has become a liar. Loss of trust?", "Sunmi playing hide and seek with reporters. She didn't get any advertisement offers?", "Sunmi makes excuses rather than apologizing", etc. 

But based on Sunmi's honest clarification, many K-netizens have spoken up with severe criticism toward the media outlet reporters in question. 

They said, "Yeah, exactly. So stop trying to make money by stalking celebrities", "Leave Sunmi alone, you reporters", "What a bunch of trash reporters", "Why are they being so disrespectful to a veteran artist? Do they think they have some kind of power over celebrities?", "She went on an unofficial, personal trip that was not listed on her schedules. Do you seriously have to take pictures of her?", "If they're trying to photograph her at an unofficial event, isn't that invasion of privacy?", They are no different from malicious commenters", "Whenever there's a celebrity who doesn't do what they say to do, those trash reporters gang up on them", and more. 

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bitchyfangirl820 pts 27 days ago 0
27 days ago

Reporters acting so entitled these days. I hate to admit it but I wanna side with the K-netz this time lol

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T_ara_Sone_Blink2,753 pts 27 days ago 5
27 days ago

Love Sunmi!!!! Love that she gave them the slip!!!! Little gamemanship!!! That being said, she was with her family, most stars don't want to draw unwanted attention to their families!!!! Good for her!!!

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