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IVE's Wonyoung tears up during her video fan call event


IVE's Wonyoung teared up during a fan call event.

On April 19 KST, a video clip from IVE member Wonyoung's video fansign event spread through online communities. In the video, Wonyoung was seen sharing a 1:1 video call with a fan. Here, the fan told Wonyoung, "For many months, I had a lot of stress and was not in a good mood. But when I see your stage and photos, I feel so happy. I look forward to everyday, so that I can meet you." After hearing the fan's words expressing Wonyoung's positive influence on them, Wonyoung was touched and began to tear up.

Upon seeing Wonyoung crying, a rare sight, many fans commented, "Wonyoung must have suffered a lot recently from the hate comments", "Don't cry our baby...let's only hear good things", "I feel so bad for Wonyoung", and more.

Previously, during IVE's appearance on MBC's 'Point of Omniscient Interference', Wonyoung was seen eating a strawberry with both hands while showing the members' daily lives. Netizens who saw this commented, "She's severely conscious of the camera", "Who eats strawberries like that?" and more negative comments.

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Justaquikthot1,276 pts 30 days ago 0
30 days ago

Both Yujin and Wonyoung look stressed and exhausted in recent shows. Obviously as IVE's seniors, they've been trying to lead by example.

But they are just 17/18 yrs old!! People really have to give them a break.

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lyn_seven48 pts 30 days ago 1
30 days ago

The media is literally blowing things out of proportions whenever this girl is involved. She was touched by a fan's words doesn't mean it has anything to do with her broadcast eating a strawberry. Since when is "wow she's really conscious of the camera" an insult for idols? It's literally their job to be conscious of the camera. I'm not a fan of WY but I think she's strong enough to not cry over people commenting on her eating a strawberry. The hosts literally teased her (in a joking way) for in on the spot and she laughed along with them

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