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Over 30 professors and scholars of Korean studies gather to submit a petition to Disney Plus regarding historical concerns over the drama 'Snowdrop'


Over 30 major professors and scholars of Korean studies have gathered to submit a formal petition to the president of Disney Plus Asia-Pacific regarding historical concerns over the JTBC drama, 'Snowdrop'. 

Jointly composed by professors of Korean studies from institutions like Ewha Womans University, Pusan National University, The George Washington University, and more, as well as Ph.D candidates from Princeton University, Harvard University, University of Toronto, etc, the petition addresses two major historical concerns within the drama 'Snowdrop'. 

The petition began by stating, 

"We are not writing to request that you stop streaming the show. Rather, we write to request that your company seek experts.. to carefully examine the historical references made in the show, and consider for yourselves the way those historical references are used. We make this request because we do not believe that Disney Plus as a global platform is aware of the historical and socio-political context in which this show exists, and we believe that platforms should make an informed decision when globally broadcasting a show set in recent, still-relevant Korean history (1987)."

The petitioners' first concern addressed the reference to the real-life historical figure Cheon Young Cho in modeling the the female lead character, an issue which previously made major headlines even prior to the drama's premiere. The petition also went on to discuss potential references to Cheon Young Cho's husband, Jeong Mun Hwa, another democracy movement activist. 

The second concern addressed the character Eun Chang Su (played by Heo Jun Ho), father of the female lead Eun Young Ro (played by BLACKPINK's Jisoo). The petitioners pointed out that the character Eun Chang Su may have been modeled after another historical figure, "military officer Park Jun-byeong, who commanded the 20th Infantry Division into Gwangju in May, 1980, and led them to commit one of the worst massacres of civilians in modern Korean history."

Currently, JTBC's 'Snowdrop' is available via Disney Plus for users in the Asia-Pacific region. 

(The link to the full petition, composed in English, can be found below.)

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roonwade146 pts 7 days ago 7
7 days ago

As consumers of korean content, we the audience, should respect the culture and history of the korean people who suffered and went through these horrors in order to bring forth democracy for their country.

If this drama is causing so much controversy and continues to be problematic we should respect their thoughts and opinions no matter who stars in the drama. This is not just korean netizens who are coming forward to "hate" on this drama, these are educated people many of who have lived through this time period.


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Sanakat2,353 pts 7 days ago 14
7 days ago

Regardless of personal opinions and desires for this drama, we must put respect on these people's names. EVERYONE here should read the letter (quite short) before deciding to mindlessly tell people to shut up. It's like watching a movie about space and refusing to read the comments of astronomers and astronauts about it.

I can assure you scholars do not sign their names on a paper lightly. What I do love about their letter is when they said this: "Moreover, while we understand the defense that fiction has a right to explore creative narratives, that defense can also feel hollow when a show uses numerous, specific details that reference actual people and incidents from recent history." I enjoy the drama personally but I can't understand the people who consistently claim that it's just fiction, it is not and if you aren't willing to see that... Jisoo's character is modeled greatly after Cheon Yeong Cho's life who she was initially named after, that by itself should show clearly how much the writers based themselves on Yeong Cho, a women who btw cannot speak for herself and give her thoughts because after her husband was tortured for being falsely accused of being a North Korean spy and later died from the effects, got into a car accident that left her brain damaged and basically completely mentally retarded. I personally wonder if when the drama was written and originally had named Jisoo's character Cheon Yeong Cho if they had contacted and spoken with her family and friends for approval? As often is done when naming real people. Read the letter and politely disagree if so you wish.


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