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Free Zia (Song Ji Ah from 'Single's Inferno') uploads a public apology video about the fake luxury goods controversy


Free Zia (Song Ji Ah from 'Single's Inferno') uploaded a video making a public apology for the recent controversy of wearing fake luxury brands on the show, YouTube channel, and social media.

On this day, Song Ji Ah began by stating, "Hello, this is Song Ji Ah. I want to apologize for uploading this apology video so late. And I am sorry to cause concern to so many people," and bowed her head. She continued to apologize, "I admit to the controversy of using fake luxury goods, and I acknowledge that everything is all my fault."

She continued to say, "As a YouTuber, I should have been more careful and thoughtful in all my actions, but I damaged the image of the brands and disappointed many people and I would like to apologize." She elaborated and explained why she had bought the fake items by saying, "At first, I just bought them because they were just so pretty and I received so much love from so many people. I wasn't able to wake up from that and became more absorbed in it. I am regretting it so much and I feel that the past me is so pathetic."

Song Ji Ah continued to apologize for being unable to wake up when many people were showing her love. She explained, "I should have realized my actions when people were showing me their love. But I only concentrated on the 'Song Ji Ah' that was being displayed. I am very regretful about that and am self-reflecting. I'm sorry." 

She explained she is self-reflecting and realizing her wrongdoings after looking back at everyone's criticisms and advice. She also apologized to her fans and family who are suffering due to her mistakes and requested that people refrain from slandering her family or attacking them as this is her own mistake.

Song Ji Ah wanted to express that her feelings and love to her fans are genuine and explained she would turn her channel to private to take the time to self-reflect further.

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theLastSprite1,257 pts Monday, January 24, 2022 12
Monday, January 24, 2022

ok she apologized properly, please leave her alone. true, she should not have done this in the first place by painting a fake image to her fans, but it doesn't deserve getting death threats. cant we just brush this under the carpet? give her a break

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nevyena2,222 pts Monday, January 24, 2022 3
Monday, January 24, 2022

Great now can we please stop talking about this? I am tired of all these articles

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