Posted by Germaine-Jay Wednesday, December 1, 2021

HYBE releases statement on filming during BTS' 'Permission to Dance on Stage' LA concerts


HYBE has released a statement on filming during BTS' 'Permission to Dance on Stage' Los Angeles concerts.

On December 1, the label released the official notice warning against illegal filming on Weverse. Half of 'Permission to Dance on Stage' is now over, and it seems concert-goers have been filming the entire concert in HD and sharing the footage online. With only 2 days left of the concert series, HYBE reminded fans not to illegally film.

HYBE stated, "During the concert for 'BTS Permission to Dance on Stage - LA', actions have violated the artists' portraiture rights and copyrights. Violating BigHit Music and artists' portraiture rights and other copyrights are prohibited, including photographs and videos, voice recordings, and live streaming. Other than cellphones, other filming or recording devices are not allowed on site. In the case you violate these rules, including filming on your phones, you may be asked to delete the footage and be forced to leave."

In other news, fans have been enjoying McDonald's food trucks for free at the BTS concert. 

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T_Jazz10,628 pts Wednesday, December 1, 2021 0
Wednesday, December 1, 2021

That concert series employed a lot of people: Sound, lighting, safety, choreographers, arrangers, musicians, labor, stylists, transport, staging,... Can you even guess how much HYBE/BigHit $pent putting on that concert?

Since it's all over the internet, who'd almost kill themselves to try to get to the remaining dates? Not only that, what if HYBE planned to distribute the concert on Blu-Ray or a for pay streaming site and those distributors already bought the license? Go𝐫𝐞FundMe

These people are lessening HYBE's revenue to profit themselves without putting in the work. Now folks are hitting up their sites, channels, PATREON,... And they're generating $$ for it.

It's not right.



jikooksz3 pts Wednesday, December 1, 2021 6
Wednesday, December 1, 2021

This makes zero sense. People go to concerts to experience something and they want to record it to remember it and look back on it. Why would you restrict the people who paid money for this concert to not share clips? They paid for it, it's the least they should be able to do. I can understand if people uploaded full length videos of the concert, but bashing and literally kicking people out for uploading pictures is stupid.


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