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Director Hong Sang Soo's older brother missing for 10 months


Director Hong Sang Soo's older brother (age 70), has been missing for 10 months.

On November 13, the episode of IHQ's 'Secret Newsroom' aired dealing with the story of the disappearance of director Hong Sang Soo's older brother. The incident of his disappearance surfaced back in April and the new episode of the docuseries dealt with the story after the disappearance. 

On this day, the reporter visited the house in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, where director Hong Sang Soo's brother lived in January before he was reported missing.

On the 26th of last month, when reporters visited Hong Sang Soo's brother's home, the police and forensics teams were already on the scene. On that day, the reporters asked, "What kind of investigation is being carried out?" and an official from the Crime Scene Investigation Unite denied there was an investigation and claimed that it was only a training exercise. 

In response, the reporters sought out advice from profiler Bae Sang Hoon and showed him a clip of the CSI unit around the house. The profiler stated, "It's not common to conduct a training drill on private land. It seems that they are conducting a crime scene investigation."

After repeated investigations, it was finally confirmed that Hong Sang Soon's older brother had been missing for 10 months and the Gangwon Pyeongchang Police Station in charge of the case stated they have not found the missing person.

In addition, the 'Secret Newsroom' also covered the director's cheating scandal with actress Kim Min Hee. Reporter Kim Tae Jin recalled the production presentation of the film 'Right Now, Wrong Then,' which was held before Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee admitted to their affair. The reporter explained, "Usually directors don't pay close attention to the lead actors' interviews but Hong Sang Soo was sitting close and seemed very happy about Kim Min Hee's interview. I did think it was a bit strange at that time."

In addition, the reporter revealed that Kim Min Hee was visibly embarrassed by the question, "Is the film Hong Sang Soo's autobiographical story?" The reporter explained he did not understand her reaction back then but now he is able to piece together the clues.

Director Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee became lovers while filming the movie 'Right Now, Wrong Then,' back in 2015. Their relationship was speculated in 2016 through various new reports. Then in 2017, director Hong Sang Soo personally admitted his relationship with Kim Min Hee during a press conference for the film 'On the Beach at Night Alone.'

This caused much controversy as the two individuals admitted to their affair and they openly showed their affection towards each other in public. The 'Secret Newsroom' shared the lines seen in the film 'Right Now, Wrong Then.' 

In the film, the character shared, "I think I am in love. I want to get married but I don't think I can. Because I am already married. I have two kids as well." The show shared that the film displayed Hong Sang Soo's feelings during his secret affair with Kim Min Hee at the time.

In addition, the show quoted Hong Sang Soo's wife, who said at the time, "I already felt uneasy while watching the film."

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It's like using his brother's disappearance to talk about his scandal again.


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What does his brother going missing have to do with his scandal??



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