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'1 Night, 2 Days' cast members DinDin and Ravi take to Instagram to celebrate hitting 100th episode


'1 Night, 2 Days' cast members DinDin and Ravi have both taken to Instagram to celebrate the show reaching its 100th episode on November 14 KST.

On the day of the episode, DinDin uploaded a group photo of the KBS variety program's current line-up – Koyote's Kim Jong Min, VIXX's Ravi, actor Yeon Jung Hoon, DinDin himself, and gagman Moon Se Yoon. The cast is all smiles as they huddle up together by the water. "Congratulations on 100 episodes 💕," he wrote, tagging the network and using the show's title as a hashtag. 

Ravi also shared images of himself with the cast and crew at the shooting location, captioning the image set with, "I will become a person with unswayable gratitude for these precious relationships and memories. 🙏🏻 EP. 100. The only place where I can be the youngest. 💜"

To this, DinDin playfully responded, "You worked hard, our maknae~ Let's work even harder in the future!"

Congratulations to the '1 Night, 2 Days' cast!

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Jeneral_Kanina777 pts 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

Don't count if you don't dare to include KSH's picture too.



Youaintperfect4 pts 15 days ago 1
15 days ago

Wow those "some" fans below of ksh are really showing their colors. The members didn't even have the say and even the people in 2d 1n team when the upper management tells them to do. You think y'all are right and moral! The members are hurt as much as the other fans are hurt upon his leaving to the show. Its not like he was thrown away!! Nor they wanted him to leave and be editted out!!! You need to get your facts straight before throwing accusation!! Downvote me all you want but I will never be like you who only knows how to accuse and curse others just because what you think you see is right!!! They are showing their support indirectly!! These guys already spent 2 years on and off cam and you as a viewer and fan, don't have the right to judge their bond!! Hence, I do not think it is necessary to include his name to all of their post related to the program since he was no longer a member. Instead of showing support to encourage ksh and show him the love he deserves, you choose to be nosy and degrade other members and staffs when they only continue to work hard for the show which ksh tried to protect against the issue!! Does hating them and leaving hateful comments satisfy you? Does it help ksh to recover from that issue???? Honestly, it doesn't help anyone but you just hurt each others feelings!!! You don't even tried to understand how hard it is for them to suddenly fill the gap of ksh absence on the show!!! The members and staffs are still doing their best to continue! I hope ksh wouldn't felt burden by these people who literally shove their hate to the show and tried to involved other members into this mess. For how long will this continue, please just stop the hate!!! You wanted to cancel the cancel culture in their country but what you're doing is also the same!!! Please grow up!!!


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