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Netizens once again discuss their conflicting thoughts on IU & Kai's chemistry in their pictorials


Netizens discussed their conflicting thoughts on IU and EXO member Kai's pictorials.

On October 27, one netizen created a post on an online community forum titled, "Kai, IU. This is probably not photoshopped right?" The netizen continued to write, "Of course it's not, but I just can't believe the two are next to each other." 

The netizen then uploaded some photos from IU and Kai's latest pictorial for the 'BCC' Booster Puffer Down Series.

In response, netizens expressed their thoughts on IU and Kai's chemistry.

Some netizens thought IU and Kai showed great chemistry with one another:

"But isn't the combination of Kai and IU kind of fresh? The picture itself is different. You would expect that they won't cross paths with each other, but it's so cool to see them in a two-shot."
"I think their chemistry is good. At first their pictorial was just known to look like it would come out in a [beer] commercial, but if you look at it without much thought, they aren't exactly incompatible with each other."
"Didn't the second photo come out okay?"
"IU and Kai's pictorials are amazing this time. Fans, please reveal some more photos."
"I thought they somehow wouldn't look good together, but they actually look pretty good together..."
"You can obviously tell they're not photoshopped together."

Others thought IU and Kai did not have very good chemistry with one another:

"What is this combination Lollll Their faces really do not go well with each other Loll Their styles are complete opposites Loll But they're both individually cool."
"For real, they're like my favorite characters Nick and Judy Loll For those of you who haven't watched 'Zootopia', you must watch it."
"Lolll Kai looks like the older brother and IU looks like the younger sister."
"They really have the Nick and Judy vibes Lollll"
"I saw this on Twitter and was like 'what is this' Lolll This is really an unexpected combination."
"They look like siblings."
"They have absolutely no chemistry."

What are your thoughts on IU and Kai's chemistry?

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lya34553 pts Thursday, October 28, 2021 0
Thursday, October 28, 2021

Maybe the photographers want something cool but mysterious. he doesn't want something mainstream where people just smile, laugh at being photographed. kai has been used to taking photos like this ever since with Krystal. I think it's just IU who hasn't been able to keep up with this style.



Indri_hapsari1,685 pts Thursday, October 28, 2021 1
Thursday, October 28, 2021

Both r a looking good person but definitely has no chemistry...like they just dont look fit together..anyway, most couple in this world doesnt look good together on the pictures either🤣🤣🤣


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