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Korean netizens react to possible debuting members of 'Girls Planet 999'


Korean netizens reacted to the possible debuting members of Mnet's 'Girls Planet 999.' 

On October 16th, a post on a community forum gained attention for posting his analysis of the possible debuting members of Mnet's girl group audition show. The original poster claimed that there won't be as many Koreans in the debuting girl group due to the show's voting system. 

He wrote, "The final round will not have a quota. There are 9 Korean trainees left for the last round and the votes will be divided, unlike Chinese or Japanese counterparts where only a few popular members are left. I expect the only possible Korean member in the final debuting group will include Huening Bahiyyih, and maybe a couple more if lucky. By the way, Huening Bahiyyih has neither won first place nor top 9. But I expect global votes to be concentrated on her thanks to her renowned brother."

He concluded, "Mnet has eliminated voting through text messages due to their previous vote-rigging controversy. So there won't be general public's votes and the debuting 9-members girl group will have only 2 to 3 Korean members although it's dubbed as a K-Pop group. And I expect the debuting Korean members won't have taken the first place during the entire show."

Netizens shared their thoughts in the comments saying: 

"I don't understand why they chose to make 9 Korean contestants remain for the final round. This made all Japanese contestants eliminated except the top 9."

"lol, no one cares about that show in Korea."

"I have a feeling that the label will just let them promote abroad."

"This analysis is so half-assed. I can see the producer wanting to take at least 4 to 5 Koreans in the debuting group by changing the voting system."

"This is Mnet we're talking about. We don't know what they are going to rig this time"

"The foreign members can't even speak Korean fluently. How are they going to sing in Korean lol"

"I'm actually curious about the international reaction regarding this. I don't think K-Pop had a girl group consisting of 6 Chinese or Japanese members, 2 Korean Americans, and one Korean."

Meanwhile, the 18 contestants to make it to the next round were announced and the show's final episode will air on October 22nd. 

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Valor-Long77 pts Saturday, October 16, 2021 24
Saturday, October 16, 2021

Fuck that Bahiyyih does not deserve to debut over more talented girls than her. She's only there because of her status being related to her brother Huening Kai. Kim Su Yeon deserve it more than her cause she's actually talented along with Kim Chae Hyun, Kim Bora and Kang Ye Seo. Yeah Bahiyyih ain't as talented as those girls and again she's only getting the push because of her brother fuck outta here.


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Reyben717 pts Saturday, October 16, 2021 5
Saturday, October 16, 2021

I just want to say that the preferential treatment towards Kim Dayeon is ridiculous.

She has been the main character and the face of the show since the beginning for no reason whatsoever. They remind us how amazing she is every 5 minutes, even though she does nothing special. Even the mentors react to her performances like they're watching the greatest idol of all time, like seriously wtf?

And in the episode in which the groups are spending some time together, what do the producers do? They send one of the groups to meet Dayeon's mom lmao, biased much? Then they make a video call and cry so we empathize with her being away from her mother. Are you kidding me?


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