Posted by Sophie-Ha Friday, October 15, 2021

Fans find that Lucas was removed from the new NCT merchandise


Just two months ago, NCT's Lucas was embroiled in a scandal in which various women stated that the idol gaslit them and were taking their money. 

The initial accuser 'A' exposed that Lucas was leeching off her money and also gaslit her. After that, more women claiming to be Lucas' ex-girlfriend stepped up to expose the singers' actions. Among them, 'B' claimed that Lucas had continued to contact her even after they broke up. 'B' also claimed that Lucas gaslighted her and had made her pay for all their dating expenses, such as the reservations to the hotel he wanted to stay at. Another Chinese netizen 'C' explained that she had dated Lucas around the same time and experienced similar things as the other two women. In turn, Lucas was also accused of cheating. With the heightening of the controversy, Lucas posted an apology letter and suspended all his activities.

Since the shocking news unsurfaced, the have been updates about Lucas revealing that his flight to China has been canceled and that WayV's activities have been put on hold. 

Recently, one Korean fan revealed a photo of new NCT merchandise and explained that Lucas's name was removed. 

Various international fans have shared this tweet. They explained that SM Entertainment had also removed another member (Winwin) from the group without any official announcement that the member had departed. It appears SM Entertainment may have chosen to quietly remove Lucas from the group and began their actions by not including in the new merchandise.

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Secretninja3126,147 pts Friday, October 15, 2021 1
Friday, October 15, 2021

Just putting it out there, it is not out of the ordinary for companies to not include a member on merchandise they release while that member is on hiatus. If I remember correctly, Hyunjin was not included in some Stray Kids stuff earlier this year he was on hiatus, and same with Jungwoo when he took a hiatus back in 2019. So I would not take this as any sort of confirmation of Lucas' status with the group nor would I take it as confirmation that he is guilty of all those accusations. All this indicates is, he's still on hiatus. Everything else, we'll have to wait for the company or law enforcements (if it has to reach that point) to make their actual statement.


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ed-zheimer1,371 pts Friday, October 15, 2021 13
Friday, October 15, 2021

He deserves it.

He used his popularity with fans to squeeze luxurious things out of them. And his fans even paid for the hotel and his cigarettes. He used the fans' love for him to use them.

It is unforgivable.


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