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'The Late Late Show With James Corden' deletes videos of the host calling BTS's appearance at the UN 'unusual' in response to backlash from ARMYs


CBS's 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' is facing severe backlash, after mentioning the recent appearance by BTS at the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

On the September 20 episode of 'The Late Late Show', host James Corden opened up with, "The United Nations General Assembly kicked off this morning in New York City, and it started with some pretty unusual visitors... BTS were there. BTS visited the UN... Although lots of people are saying why are BTS there, the world leaders have no choice but to take BTS seriously. BTS has one of the largest ARMY on the planet earth. Historic moment. It actually marks the first time that 15 year old girls everywhere found themselves wishing that they were Secretary General António Guterres."

In response to the BTS references mentioned above, ARMYs have officially "revoked" the late night show host's title as "Papa Mochi".

When angered ARMYs flooded the video with comments of protest, the video was deleted from 'The Late Late Show's SNS platforms.

What do you think of James Corden's recent comments on 'The Late Late Show'?

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bobateaess1,014 pts 28 days ago 12
28 days ago

Calling BTS “unusual” for attending the UNGA doesn’t make any sense, it’s their second time visiting, their third time giving a speech. Not to mention they were appointed as Presidential Envoys by Moon Jae In himself. And generalizing ARMY as “15 year olds” is the stupidest thing he could say. It’s now obvious he was using BTS and ARMYs for clout by kissing up to them whenever they appeared on the show. Hope BTS never feature on this man’s show ever again.


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krislina0607313 pts 28 days ago 11
28 days ago

idk about others but to many Gen Zs who gives no f about politics, bts involvement in the UN actually open our eyes about how world is revolving. Not to be biased, but their speech in UN this time strikes through many hearts. Not many politicians address the youths that are affected by this pandemic. Indeed, to fight this disease physically we need the vaccines but what about our mental state? Personally, I'm touched by Jin's term of saying the lost youth should not be used anymore because we are not lost but we are adapting to rapid changes that no other generations will ever experienced. Will your grandparents, aunties, uncles, parents feel the pressure of online learning while balancing social networks? No right? Jin's term of ' welcome generation' means a lot to me at least who felt the world is currently completely against me but in fact, I'm not lost in this phase but I'm welcoming the changes that I cannot avoid.


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