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Netizens trend #LUCAS_OUT on Twitter, demanding that Lucas leave NCT and WayV


As of August 28, two additional netizens have come forward stating that they were involved in relationships with the NCT and WayV member Lucas

The fifth netizen, 'D', spoke up on August 28 after discovering a post made by netizen 'F' (the fourth netizen). On the other hand, 'F' claimed that they met Lucas as his surfing coach in China. Afterward, they exchanged information, and began seeing each other. As "evidence", 'F' uploaded a video clip and an audio recording that Lucas sent her. 

Then, 'D', who came across 'F's video and audio recording, then came forward to state that Lucas had sent her the exact same video and recording on the same day. 

The fifth netizen and ex-girlfriend, 'D', also raised accusations that Lucas allegedly "abandoned" a kitten which was originally meant as a "gift" for 'D'. However, it is currently unclear if the kitten was intended for 'D', as 'D' only responded that "Another member is taking care of the kitten because [Lucas] did not bring [it] to Korea."

Furthermore, 'D' told fans, "He has more girlfriends. Not all of them are coming forward because they don't want to deal with the consequences. If he didn't cross the line, I would have respected at least his pride. Don't blame me for adding fuel to the fire. In the end [he's] the one who needs to take responsibility." 

Finally, 'D' then replied to a fan, "He told me just yesterday that he 'loved me most'. If you don't believe me then ask your 'oppa' yourself."

With additional accusations being made days after Lucas posted his handwritten apology, some fans have now taken to Twitter to trend hashtags including #LUCAS_OUT#LUCAS_GETS_OUT_OF_WayV#LUCAS_GETS_OUT_OF_NCT, and more. 

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Lunelvr1,757 pts 28 days ago 20
28 days ago

Nothing is looking good for him right now

Either him or sm need to clarify whole situation (even tho I don’t believe the possibility of this much ppl lying and him being 100% innocent) or he is bound to leave the group

Yes these might’ve be not so controversial in western but for China and Korea this is a big ass scandal that’s enough to ruin his whole career


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miameow2311,288 pts 28 days ago 9
28 days ago

What infuriates me the most are his fans

Posting pictures of him with captions like innocent baby , my teddy bear and attacking sensible fans who are saying he is at fault

Saying that he only apologized to fans and hasn't done anything wrong

Debunking all the evidence posted by girls falsely to protect him

Spreading false information regarding it to draw sympathy towards Lucas and make him a victim

His fans should be ashamed of themselves . Is it so difficult to accept that he is not a good person? Attacking the girls who exposed him?

If the girls had not revealed anything he would have continued deceiving girls


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