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NCT's Lucas accused of abandoning a kitten he tried to gift to his girlfriend + Winwin is allegedly raising the kitten on Lucas's behalf now


WayV's Lucas is facing accusations that he abandoned a kitten.

On August 28, a netizen created a post on an online community forum titled, "Lucas [apparently] abandoned his kitten". In the post, the netizen posted several photos of tweets that gathered evidence of Lucas abandoning his kitten.

The tweet below says, "Lucas bought his girlfriend (a fifth netizen who accused him of cheating) a kitten from the pet shop in order to seduce her. But the exposer rejected the gift, and apparently Winwin is now raising the abandoned kitten."

The netizen posted another photo of a tweet that included some of the alleged ex-girlfriend's evidence, meant to prove that Lucas tried to gift her with a kitten. The twitter user then said, "Lucas's fifth exposer has come out. Lucas adopted a baby kitten and didn't even care for it. When he went to Korea, he abandoned the kitten so Winwin is now taking care of the kitten".

The netizen then posted a third photo of a past witness account, where someone claimed they saw Lucas with a kitten. The post refers to Lucas as Wong Yuk-hei, his real name, and reads, "Recently, [I] saw 'Running Man' member Wong Yuk-hei in Beijing. On that day, Wong Yuk-hei, who had arrived in Beijing in a rush, got into the car and arrived at a pet shop. Following the direction provided by an employee, he went inside the pet shop. After a while, Wong Yuk-hei came back out while holding a bag that held a pet animal. Inside the bag, there seemed to be one white kitten. Wong Yuk-hei, who had come outside first, held the door for the staff members and he and his acquaintances got in the car." There are photos attached with the post, which show Lucas leaving a building and getting inside the car.

In response, netizens commented the following:

"Winwin, succeed even more. As for Lucas, immediately leave the group."
"The members are not people meant to clean up his mess. He really is too much Lollll. His family is not even loaded and his image has completely been destroyed, so how is he able to remain in SM and WayV?"
"Wow....I guess this is how Lucas disappears."
"Winwin, throw away the friendship ring and run."
"Now, the number of exposers have increased to five people. One of them even claims she was in contact with Lucas up until yesterday."
"To be honest, the other members probably felt uncomfortable around Lucas even if they didn't make it obvious.. Why is he like this. He seems like he's crazy over girls."
"Winwin even bought a ring for this guy and raised the kitten on his behalf... Lucas didn't even treat him like a hyung and gossiped about him. Winwin was too nice to him."
"When you peel onions like this too much, they also disappear."
"Winwin, please continue winning for real."

And more. What do you think of the latest accusations?

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adamj599 pts 30 days ago 9
30 days ago

Isn't this all getting a bit ridiculous? Now they're coming at him over a kitten that he couldn't look after? These are not scandals they're just the actions of an idiot in his 20s. Yes he's an idiot and yes he's clearly a dick but I think it's such ashame how quickly his so called fans turn on him. I'm not a fan of his or NCT and maybe that's why I see it how I do but I don't believe he thought of the girls as relationships for many reasons so as far as he was concerned he was being a normal young, kinda good looking guy having some fun. If he actually made the girls think it was something more then yes he is a total dick but if not then a lot of this comes down to misunderstandings. Maybe, maybe not. I think we should take the kitten story for what it is, someone kicking a man when he's down. Also the netizen who's comment included 'his family isn't even loaded why is he allowed in SM or WAYV' is a complete prick. His family's finances have nothing to do with anything especially all this.

Like I said I'm not a fan but I don't like seeing people pile on when they see some weakness. Even if he has been an idiot.

I wonder what tomorrow's scandal will be?


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cheesecake19902 pts 30 days ago 1
30 days ago

"Winwin, please continue winning for real."

This made me laugh for a good 10 seconds lmao.


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