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JTBC's 'Petkage' releases statement in response to Heechul's 'pet adoption' comment controversy


The production staff of JTBC's 'Petkage' has issued an official statement of response to the recent controversy surrounding Super Junior member Heechul's comments on the show. 

Previously, Heechul said on the first episode of 'Petkage' which aired last week, "Frankly speaking, pet experts won't ever recommend adopting a rescue to a first-time dog owner. Rescues take a long time to heal and adapt because it was hurt before. Then the owner who isn't used to dogs also gets hurt, and the dog gets hurt once again." 

Here, some netizens criticized Heechul for allegedly portraying pet adoption from a rescue shelter in a "bad light", therefore "favoring pet shops".

However, Heechul then explained his position on the controversy through a live stream, revealing that he meant to "express his respect toward rescue dog owners," while also pointing out the "responsibility involved in caring for another life"

Now, JTBC's 'Petkage' has also decided to issue a statement addressing the controversy, relaying on August 31, "The comments in question which aired on the first episode of 'Petkage' on August 26 were meant to deliver important messages about responsibility and sincerity for those wishing to adopt, considering various circumstances. However, the comments were then misunderstood in a different direction than how the production staff hoped to portray them, and we feel regretful about the recent events. We promise to exercise greater caution so that such a controversy does not happen again."

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omegateatimer462 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

What did he say wrong? What he said is the reality. A lot of people adopt puppies from these rescue stations because they are cute and forget that puppies are more than just looking cute. They are animal, living beings that need special care and a lot of these dogs have traumas due to negligence since they were young or born. There is this Korean show where a dog trainer has to do all kinds of things since some people adopt dogs from rescue stations out of pity but then not guide the dog appropriately which results most of the time in a misbehaving dog, a lot of trouble, family problems and even serious injuries. Guys, only get a dog when you are ready to care for it. A dog needs attention and certain dog breeds need a special training and interaction by the owner.



Siri1236,694 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

These netizens annoy the shit out of me. There was literally nothing wrong with what Heechul said. If you are someone who would shy away from adopting a rescue dog after hearing Heechul's comment then you were never meant to adopt a rescue cause you would've never been a good owner. A good owner would be aware of these circumstances of a rescue and wouldnt shy away after hearing something that they were supposed to know anyway.



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