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Super Junior's Kyuhyun & Golden Child's Jangjun reveal how much soju they can drink


On July 20, Super Junior's Kyuhyun, comedian Jang Dong Min, and Golden Child's Jangjun attended the online press conference for the upcoming iHQ variety series, 'Guys Who Drink'!

Premiering this coming July 26 at 10:30 PM KST via iHQ, Olleh TV, Discovery Channel Korea, and more, 'Guys Who Drink' follows the cast members each week as they explore the best food dishes to pair with various types of alcohol. The program stars Kyuhyun, Jang Dong Min, Jangjun, as well as actor Lee Jong Hyuk.

During the online press conference on this day, the cast members in attendance were asked how often they drink alcohol alone, and how strong they were at holding their alcohol. Jang Dong Min revealed that he does not enjoy drinking alone, and "couldn't even finish one can of beer by myself." However, when drinking out with friends, the comedian stated that he does not care how many bottles he drinks. 

Kyuhyun, on the other hand, commented, "I didn't enjoy drinking alone before, but because of COVID-19 I got into it. Some time ago, I decided to go on a vacation by myself. I drank about 3 bottles [of soju]."

The group's maknae cast member, Jangjun, honestly confessed on this day, "This is my first time ever since debut on a variety program where we drink alcohol. Because I was afraid, I went and  had some hangover cure medicine made from a Korean medicine clinic." Jangjun also added on, "I have no opportunities to drink on my own, because I live in a dorm. But I thought that I would put up well with the older cast members, because my liver is the healthiest after all. It turned out, it's the liver of a baby still. My limit is about 1 bottle [of soju]."

What do you think of the interesting program format of 'Guys Who Drink'?

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4 days ago

So, it’s just another eating/cooking show? But, with alcohol? It might be funny. But, the example it sets?🤔 I guess that its just part of their culture. As long as they teach everyone to be responsible and not to drink and drive, and you’re of age…..then it’s ok. And, then it’s funny again! If it actually shows them drinking and acting silly, then I’d watch. Could you imagine how much editing this show would require once they got plastered?




Kbk101 pts 4 days ago 0
4 days ago

Marijuana is an immense mortal sin for them, but nevertheless, alcohol, something that destroys more families than marijuana in the whole world, is something great and cool for them ... then alcoholism, harassment ... etc They are things that do not harm .. that message is continually given with this type of attitude...

People are now fucking obsessed with giving moral lessons and "educating" anyone about anything ... but this?

This cannot be treated as a "habit", I live in Spain where alcohol is also something "cool", fun and socially great ... with two alcoholic parents .... I hate it

Alcohol is worse than many of the drugs, alcohol is ALSO a drug, just as destructive or even more than many others

No, alcohol is not something fun or cool, it is just as obnoxious, disgusting and destructive as any other drug.

when dealing with alcohol in this way ... i can't with this



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