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FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki joins the Judging Panel for MBN's New Traditional Music Survival Show 'Korean Version Star'

Korea's first traditional music survival show, "Korean Version Star," will premiere on MBN. Talented artists with a K-Sound feel, such as Shin Young Hee, Kim Jung Min, Kim Jo Han, Lee Hong Ki, and Cheetah, will form the judging panel for the show.

MBN said, "We chose Korean musician Shin Young Hee, singers Kim Jung Min, Kim Jo Han, Lee Hong Ki, and Cheetah as the judges for 'Korean Version Star' which new music entertainment based on Korean traditional music. In addition to these, 'Korean Version Star', which will be released for the first time in August, will have many judge members with knowledge on the subject."

Based on the fact that "if you're good at Korean national music, you can do all other type of music," 'Korean Version Star' is the first Korean traditional music survival program to discover real K-Sound artists in Korea.

In the program, which aims to draw attention to K-Sound after K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Food, which touched the heart of the world, the best singers in Korea will come together to cover many genres such as rock, ballad, hip-hop, jazz, pop, trot and by challenging various missions, they will create a scene that will make people's hearts beat faster.

National MC Shin Dong Yeop was pre-selected as the main MC and joined the journey to search for the best K-Sound singer, while Shin Young Hee will play an active role as the center of the Judging panel. In addition, master musicians such as vocalist Kim Jo Han, who has unique and unrivaled singing abilities, Lee Hong Ki, the legendary main vocalist of boy group FTISLAND, and Cheetah, a talented female rapper, will make up the judging panel.

'Korean Version Star,' the first Korean traditional music survival show, backed by nearly 1,000 K-Sound singers and announcing public auditions before airing, is scheduled to premiere on MBN in August.

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