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'Big Issue' writer says that Jin's voice is like an engine that makes everything work for BTS

Recently Jin got a special article written about him in the "Big Issue" Magazine. The author of the article, Isak Choi, made an Instagram post talking about what else he would like to say about Jin since he got deeply impressed by him as a person and artist while doing his research.

The writer talked about how he had too much to say about Jin, and it's saddening that he couldn't include it all. To him, Jin is a very unique and amazing person that makes you think a lot.

Isak Choi called Jin's vocals the heart of BTS's music
. When the voices come together, Jin is a member whose voice is like an engine that makes everything work.

"I believe that Jin is the ‘heart’ of BTS music. When the voices of four vocalists unite to rush to the climax of the song, his voice serves as the engine that further spikes the upsurge".

Jin has always been chosen as a highlight of BTS's songs by critics. For example, by TIME, The Rolling Stone, NME, KMA and etc. His voice covers the range of all members from the low notes to the highest belting ones and got BTS's songs lots of attention from critics and even nominations ("Fake Love" KMA).

Another significant thing about Jin that Isaac Choi mentioned is that he broke the stereotype of being the "Alpha male" in the boy group with a strict hierarchy.

Jin stepped up the game and was his own caring, thoughtful, non-authoritative, accepting, and open-minded version of what his role was forcing him to be. It definitely shaped the dynamics in the group and affected the rest of the members' personalities.

Choi concluded his letter by promising that he is going to write more articles going more in-depth about his charms.

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Nodus_tollens1,392 pts Monday, July 26, 2021 2
Monday, July 26, 2021

I liked that Mr Choi decided to touch upon all of Seokjin's strengths, talents and virtues from his singing to his hidden leader qualities. "When the voices of four vocalists unite to rush to the climax of the song, his voice serves as the engine that further spikes the upsurge" I agree this is more than a mere ability, it's musicality and love for your craft, coupled with discipline and understanding of the other members as vocalists, it sounds amazing because he knows how to shine on his own while still complement them, it emphasizes the quality and feelings of the songs, enables them to carry them with emotion. He has a good technique while remaining authentic.

He talked about Seokjin's dance and angles too! Sharp and precise, one of my favourite things, his body is broad and his movements extending and big while still clean are so good especially on stage when your eyes are drawn to him. Choi said "He has got the intense and neat angles that can only be achieved by a person who has carved choreography on his or her body through a practice made until he masters it and expands the line with the power only a person who has broad shoulders and large stature can have"

And on his leadership skills, I think Shakespeare's quote "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them" suits him so well! Choi said: Another thing that has been missing is his decisive contribution to good teamwork, which is regarded as BTS’s biggest success factor. In a Korean male group, where a military hierarchical culture remains, deciding an “alpha male” is a very fastidious and important problem that may determine the life or death of the organization. While RM is the leader, all members have a partnership caring for one another sincerely. I wanted to say the eldest, Jin’s character, which is not authoritarian, but kind and debonair played a big part here" Translation by @Lovelyjinny1125 on Twitter. Seokjin is essential for the success of BTS! Seokjin took on certain responsibilities that were new to him being the youngest in his family and he excelled, he set an example, he led by example, it wasn't just words to him, and he could've been overwhelmed but instead, he taught BTS about self-love and dedication, he graduated, he became the most critically acclaimed member, he achieved so many things and he was never selfish, he did it with not just him in mind. I'm grateful because I got to witness it.

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Rizumu_Amamiya779 pts Monday, July 26, 2021 0
Monday, July 26, 2021

Jin's Stable vocals in live performances are a result of his diligence and efforts. While the voice full of emotions is innate he is naturally gifted with it, a voice that tells us a story. His title "LIVE VOCAL GENIUS" suits him perfectly.

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