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Netizens are baffled at what the late Jung-In's adoptive mother is doing in prison


It has been reported that Jung-In's adoptive mother, Jang Ha Young, who was sentenced to life in prison during the first trial on charges of murdering the 16-month-old Jung-In, has been making strawberry Jam facial masks at the detention center.

Recently, the YouTube channel JTVC_JayTVc revealed that the adoptive mother was collecting disposable strawberry jam from breakfast to make a facial mask. According to the YouTuber, informants from the same detention center sent information and an update on Jung-In's adoptive mother. The informants even included the instruction on how to make the strawberry jam facial mask that Jang Ha Young allegedly wrote up for them.

The informants explained that the detention center will issue a sticker if the inmates do not abide by the rules. If the stickers accumulate, inmates will be sent to the solitary room for punishment. Therefore, Jang Ha Young advised that the strawberry jam facial mask is applied in the bathroom.

In addition, one informant also reported that Jang Ha Young has gotten breast augmentation surgery before entering the detention center so she often massages her breasts so that her breasts would not sag. She claimed that Jang Ha Young would always apply ointments on her breast so that the surgery marks would not leave a scar. 

The informant also stated that there are times that Jang Ha Young would show the fellow inmates her breasts and ask if they look unnatural. According to that informant, Jang Ha Young would always stretch every morning and goes on diets. Another informant reported, "At first I only knew her as 4029, and didn't know she was Jang Ha Young, Jung-In's adoptive mother. Jang Ha Young diligently prays from morning until night. She also says that the Kimchi from the detention center tastes bad so she orders separate kimchi using the deposited money. 

The informant also wrote in the letter, "When I go out to the field, I see her running while holding her breasts. She does facial masks with strawberry jam. I want to hit her when I see her."

During the first trial, the court found Jung-In's adoptive mother, Jang Ha Young, guilty of murder and sentenced her to life in prison as the court judged that Jang Ha Young stepped on Jung-In because she could not use her arms due to the breast augmentation surgery.

Ahn Sung Eun, the adoptive father was indicted on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act (child abandonment and neglect), was sentenced to five years in prison, and arrested in court.
The court stated, "Mrs. Jang took away a precious life by abusing the child she should have protected and nurtured. She greatly shocked the public through her cruelty." 

Currently, Jung-In's adoptive parents have both appealed to the court's first ruling. the prosecution, which demanded a death penalty for Jang Ha Young, also appealed against the ruling of the first trial in a request for more severe punishment.

After hearing an update on Jung-In's adoptive mother and hearing about her attitude and actions at the detention center, netizens couldn't help but be speechless. Netizens were angered as Jung-In's adoptive mother still shows no signs of remorse or self-reflection. Netizens commented, "I definitely think she's not in her right mind," "She still shows no signs of remorse or self-reflection," "Why does she need good skin and nice breasts if she's going to stay in prison for life?" "I really don't understand this woman. How can she act like that in prison after killing a child. She's a psychopath," and "The detention center should stop giving strawberry jams, lol."

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back036368 pts 14 days ago 1
14 days ago

I mean what else did we expect? A person who is so deranged that they abuse another person, let alone someone as young and defenseless as Jung-In, to the point where they die, won't suddenly see what they have done wrong just because they're in prison. I wonder if they have some sort of psychological program, if not, they should. Generally speaking, a lot of prisons lack in this important component and often, the people who've spent time in prison come out even more violent than they already were before their stay. Obviously people who do this to others have a lot of issues and these issues need to be addressed, otherwise nothing much will change. In her case, she is going to spend the rest of her life in prison, so at least she won't be able to hurt another life, at least not outside of prison.


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advern_joy850 pts 14 days ago 1
14 days ago

whats breaking me is the existent of that photo of the baby smiling so happily!... at some point in her life, she was happy and well taken care off.. but what changed??. why?..


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