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ITZY's Ryujin trends online for her rap skills?


ITZY's Ryujin is currently a hot topic of conversation online because of her rap skills.

On May 1, a post by a netizen under the title "Ryujin is a good rapper?" began trending in the top 10 topics on Nate's Pann community forum for teens. The netizen wrote, "She's a good dancer, but not a good rapper. I think they keep making her rap because of her vocal tone... Her diction isn't good. It doesn't feel like rapping. The rapping tone is good, but it makes me cringe... Honestly, it's nothing better than SM Entertainment girl group rapping."

Other netizens commented, "She's not a good rapper. All female idol rappers have good vocal tones, and nothing else," "Other than YG Entertainment, the other major labels shouldn't make their idols rap," "I see Ryujin is becoming the topic of some weird arguments. I guess that means she's going to succeed. Her solo fan cam is getting a lot of views too," and more.

In other news, ITZY recently made a comeback with "M.A.F.I.A (In the Morning)".

What do you think about Ryujin's rapping?

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cherryblossombae1,344 pts 5 days ago 17
5 days ago

Honestly besides Ryujin’s rap skill and itzy’s songs topics I wanna talk about

How companies force their idols to rap or force a rap verse in song and ruin the whole thing?!
i know it’s a marketing way but is it really necessarily? For example Bighit doesn’t make enhypen rap in their songs cuz it doesn’t fit for song but they let them show their rapping skills in covers that have rap parts! Isn’t it better?cuz unless the person who raps is a powerful rapper like Soyeon,Zico,Bobby,Suga and etc they won’t be able to deliver their raps meaning properly and it will just sound like noise and fast talking


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notalovelyworld904 pts 5 days ago 5
5 days ago

Does allkpop hate itzy?

-their song came out and they didn’t pin it.

-they made an article about how netz were reacting negatively about their outfits.

-they made an article about Lia meditating “in the toilet”

-they made an article about ryujin not being a good rapper.

-they made an article about netz having mixed reactions to their songs... but they put mostly negative comments.

Seriously, can’t you do a more positive article? this is becoming suspicious


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