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'Infinite Challenge' writer Kim Yoon Eui shares about the time when EXO's Kai personally shielded her from a rude staff member


Kim Yoon Eui, the former writer of the popular variety show 'Infinite Challenge' appeared on the KBS Joy show 'The Museum of Broken Hearts' and shared a story about her encounter with EXO's Kai.

On the episode of 'The Museum of Broken Hearts' that aired on May 26, the writer who gained attention for her dancing in one of the episodes of 'Infinite Challenge' appeared as a special guest.

'The Museum of Broken Hearts,' is a program in which guests receive help in getting rid of old items with many memories. On this day, writer Kim Yoon Eui brought the jeans she wore during that viral 'Infinite Challenge' episode when she showed off her dancing as the 'Broken heart' item she wants to get rid of.

She explained that there are still videos of the popular show that are uploaded on YouTube even though the program had ended. She added that she still gets calls about the episode and joked that she is worried she will continue to get calls about it until she is 70 years old revealing the reason she brought the jeans as her 'Broken heart' item. 

The MC pointed out saying, "then there must be also a lot of celebrities who recognize you," to which the writer responded, "There was a time I met with EXO's Kai for a show filming." She explained that Kai had recognized her and was so happy to see her. 

She continued to say, "So one of the staff members said to me 'Oh, Kai is so happy to see you, you should dance for him!' But we were in the middle of filming so I was put in a difficult and awkward situation."

That is when Kai stepped forward to shield the writer by saying, "A true dancer doesn't just dance anywhere. Don't dance. I didn't say that so you would have to do that." Writer Kim Yoon Eui explained how much she was moved by Kai's kindness and said, "So my encounter with Kai remains as a really good memory."

Writer Kim Yoon Eui also explained that her dance break during the 'Infinite Challenge' episode wasn't part of the script. She explained that the episode was a bit short on content so she was asked to suddenly dance. She coolly agreed and was able to produce that legendary episode that still gains many views on YouTube to this day.

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T_Jazz9,820 pts Thursday, May 27, 2021 2
Thursday, May 27, 2021

Without hearing the Staff person's tone and seeing his/her expression, it's difficult to determine if the person was actually "rude." You never know what's in a person's head. Kai's a dancer and there they were together.

It could have been that Kai stepped up to keep the woman from embarrassment since she clearly was unable to speak for herself.

In either scenario, Kai demonstrated how kind and gentlemanly he is.


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alieawinaa25 pts Thursday, May 27, 2021 0
Thursday, May 27, 2021

Kai is really a softhearted and very humble. Everyone arround him are really lucky to know him. Jongin best boy!



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