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Executive VP at Columbia Records confirms that high level conversations are being held with streaming companies about 'filtering' BTS streaming numbers


The Executive VP of Columbia Records has responded to ARMYs voices regarding the recent issue of BTS streaming numbers not being reflected accurately.

As reported, ARMYs have recently trended "#InvestigateSpotify' after discovering that a large portion of their streams of BTS's songs have been filtered and not counted on Spotify. According to the data found in BHF Data Analytics, 47% of the streams were not counted for "Butter" while 38% were not counted for "Dynamite."

With increasing demands for transparency, fans have contacted various authorities in the music industry, including Peter Gray, the Executive Vice President of Columbia Records. In a post shared by '@chartbangtan', Gray responded via Direct Messages on Instagram that the company is having "high level conversations" with all streaming platforms about the issue. 

Read the full screenshot below:

It seems that continued efforts are being made by BTS ARMY to clarify the issue as complaints are ongoing. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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Starsenna1,408 pts 26 days ago 10
26 days ago

And they (kpoppies and western stans) called us delusional and petty, when we as a fandom tell you something is wrong it’s wrong. You don’t understand how armys have learned all about charts, streaming, everything that’s needed to level the playing field. I’ve said it last week and I’ll say it again, stop with the hate boner against armys and Bangtan when it comes to streaming platforms or charts. Don’t you think your faves will deal with the same when they become bigger? Keep hating, all this shit will affect your faves someday.


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zephyrbreeze519 pts 26 days ago 2
26 days ago

It absolutely needs to be investigated, and there is a need for transparency. This issue not only affects BTS, but other artist as well.


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