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6 K-Pop idols who could totally be the CEOs of their own companies one day


It is not unusual for K-Pop idols and other celebrities to eventually go deeper into the entertainment industry and, more specifically, into the business aspect of the same. With Jay Park, Kang Daniel, and HIGHLIGHT being iconic examples of idols being capable of becoming successful CEOs, it is only a matter of time before some of our favorite idols now also take the same path forward. 

BTS Jin 

The oldest member of BTS has all the makings of a CEO. From being firm about his own choices and decisions and standing his ground to being charming beyond belief, if Jin were to become the CEO of his own company one day, he would have artists lining up to sign with him. If his Rolling Stone cover's any proof, not even the sky is the limit for Jin.

2PM Taecyeon

Fans have already gotten a taste of Taecyeon as a CEO through his character Jan Han Seok in 'Vincenzo.' While it wasn't the most pleasant, it was just enough to foster fantasies about him as an actual CEO who's diametrically opposed to the character he portrayed.


BM is undoubtedly one of the most visionary artists and individuals in the industry. BM's eye for art is keen and his leadership skills are polished. Most importantly, he's an amazing communicator. Without a doubt, BM would make for an incredible CEO.


Could there be anyone more driven by passion and ambition than Chungha? Not only is she sharp, but she also has an eagerness to try new things that might be daunting to others. Chungha has a tendency to create trends rather than follow them, and that quality alone makes it easy to imagine her as a CEO one day.

TWICE Jeongyeon

TWICE has the knack for business running in her blood, but that's not why she would make a brilliant CEO. Jeongyeon has a serious and powerful calmness about her, much like the sea, when she's dealing with situations that are out of the ordinary. If she puts her mind to something, she not only gets it done but also aces it. She's attentive and puts others before her. If that doesn't scream CEO, we don't know what does.


The certified baddest female, the Queen herself, CL is destined to reign over the K-Pop industry. Revolutionary since as far back as we can remember, CL has constantly challenged norms with her art. Not only would CL make an iconic CEO, but the K-Pop industry also needs her to be one. 

  1. BTS
  2. Jin
  3. Highlight
  4. Jay Park
  5. KARD
  6. B.M
  7. Kim Chung Ha
  8. TWICE
  9. Jungyeon
  10. Kang Daniel
  11. CL
  12. 2PM
  13. Taecyeon
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Seokjin is director in the restaurant with his brother (not ceo bcz of his bz schedule) so I think, him becoming CEO for his own company won't be that far



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