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UEE says she hated her 'honey thighs' nickname


UEE revealed she hated her 'honey thighs' nickname at the start of her debut.

Fans of After School know the nickname followed UEE around because of her physique, but on the April 27th episode of tvN's 'On & Off', she revealed she wasn't fond of 'honey thighs' at all. She expressed, "I'm normally the type of person who gains weight easily, but 'honey thighs' was a complex for me after my debut."

On the episode, UEE took viewers on a trip to the gym where she focused on intense exercise, and when she got home, she promptly ate 160 grams of chicken breast for lunch. She also caught attention for her defined abs.

In other news, UEE signed an exclusive contract with Lucky Company last month.

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13 days ago

Gotta appreciate the resurrection of these quirky K-Pop titles! I wonder when "bagel girl" and "chocolate abs" will officially pop back up!


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13 days ago

She also explained more. People said that she was anorexic, and at some point (during early debut/honey thighs era), people criticised her for being too fat. So, she used to feel the need to fit her body to public's expectation. She couldn't love her body.

But now, she is so satisfied. She have never been satisfied with her body before.

She cherished her body more now by taking care of herself (exercising etc).

It is so sad to see how celebrity (especially female) was criticised for their appearance.

If you have healthy body, you are fat. If you are thin, people will keep saying you are too thin, you are aneroxic.

I am glad she finally finds her way to self-love. I think her goal now is to have healthy beautiful body, the way she love, feels comfortable and happy with herself.



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