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How Well Does BLACKPINK Suit The Korean Beauty Standard? Find out!


BLACKPINK - the K-pop quartet dubbed by Bloomberg as "the world's biggest girl group." They are arguably the most popular and most successful K-pop girl group at the moment, and lots of attention are on the four girls. With that, let us see how well each member of BLACKPINK suits the Korean beauty standard.

According to a survey of plastic surgeons, the Korean beauty standard is said to contain:

  • Straight eyebrows
  • Thin, high nose bridge
  • Small face
  • Pale skin
  • Double eyelids
  • Big eyes
  • Plump lips
  • V-Shaped Jaw
  • 165+cm in height
  • Aegyo-sal (fat under the eye)

With this in mind, here is how well each member of BLACKPINK suits the Korean beauty standard. Note that this is not a scientific way to measure beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what you consider beauty is totally up to you!

1. Jisoo

Jisoo is the official visual of BLACKPINK, and it makes sense why. Jisoo is the member that suits the Korean beauty standard the most. She has a traditional Korean beauty that is well-loved by the public. Jisoo has double eyelids, big eyes, aegyo-sal, straight eyebrows, plump lips, pale skin, and a thin and high nose bridge.

The only part of Jisoo that is not in line with the Korean beauty standard is her height. She is only 162cm (5'3.7") tall, meaning she is on the shorter side. Jisoo's face is also not small nor large, just average.

2. Jennie

Jennie's face is beautiful and youthful. Compared to Jisoo, she has a more chic look thanks to her attractive cat-like eyes. Though Jennie is Korean, her face is seen as exotic due to her more Western-like features. Jennie has double eyelids, aegyo-sal, straight eyebrows, a small face, and a thin and high nose bridge.

Jennie's medium-sized eyes have become her main charm point due to how charismatic it makes her look. Jennie also has a square-shaped jaw, slightly tanned skin, and is only 163cm (5'4") in height.

3. Rosé

Rosé's face is elegant and ethereal, but her facial features are not as in line with the Korean beauty standard as Jisoo or Jennie. However, in terms of her figure, Rosé is the member that suits the Korean beauty standard the most. Her body is long, slim, and well proportioned. It also helps that she stands at 168cm (5'6"), meaning she is on the tall side. The Aussie idol also has double eyelids, straight eyebrows, plump lips, a v-shaped jaw, and pale skin.

Rosé, however, has a relatively long face and smaller eyes. Rosé also has a wide nose.

4. Lisa

Lisa has a beautiful face that adheres more to the Western beauty standard. Many people praise Lisa for her exotic and doll-like beauty. Lisa has a small face, big eyes with double eyelids, and plump lips. Additionally, Lisa is 166.5cm (5'5.5") tall, meaning she is above the average height. Her features are mostly in line with Western or Southeast Asian beauty standards. She has a square-shaped jaw, a short nose bridge, and slightly tanned skin. Lisa also has slightly arched eyebrows and a wide nose. 

Which BLACKPINK member do you think fits the Korean Beauty Standard the most?

  2. Jennie
  3. Jisoo
  4. Rose
  5. Lisa
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Each of them have beauty that is uniquely their own. Whatever the "standard", it doesn't matter. Jmo!



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weird article haha. mostly because these extreme beauty standards in Korea is a weird thing to anyone living outside of Korea. So to see an article on allkpop about this weird phenomenon is even weirder



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