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Korean netizens talk about why rookie boy groups aren't doing well these days


Over the years, the K-Pop industry has been booming exponentially and has spread globally, receiving love from many fans worldwide.

Since the rise in K-Pop, there has also been a rise in the number of new rookie groups debuting every year. The K-Pop music industry has been saturated with new idol groups making it nearly impossible for these rookie groups to receive recognition.

One netizen wrote out a list of reasons why rookie boy groups are not doing well these days in an online community. The netizen who created the post complained that the new rookie boy groups all have similar concepts and release similar music genres.

The netizen began by writing, "I only emit a long sigh when I watch music shows these days," and listed the reasons. She explained, "I feel they (new boy groups) always reuse concepts and release the same type of songs and are shouting on top of their lungs. They also always include the English words 'Baby, tonight' in almost all the songs. There are too many kids who dream of becoming the next V, Kai, Jungkook, and GD when they lack the skills and the visuals."

The creator of the post also criticized that there are just too many idol groups who do not have enough skills or qualities of becoming an idol. She pointed out, "I feel they keep using the same styling and concept as EXO's 'Love Shot' or BTS's 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears.' Most of the new rookies don't have good physiques as well and they all look the same. I also feel they are people who genuinely love to sing and dance, but instead of passion, they're in it for the money and fame of being an idol."

The netizen continued, "Most of the new idol groups don't seem to have good teamwork on stage and they only stress the 'sexy and heartthrob' image. Also, the group names are getting weirder and weirder, so I can't even remember them."

Finally, the netizen suggested that companies need to put in more effort to choose the idol group members instead of just choosing just any person who wants to become famous. She also suggested that companies should also make sure the idol trainee is a kind person and has the ability to sing and dance well.

Many other netizens joined the online community and expressed how much they agree with the original post. The post has already received over a thousand upvotes while other netizens commented, "I do agree, I feel the standard to debut became lower," "I feel like all the boy groups are just copying the popular ones like EXO and BTS," "This is so right, lol," "I do agree, I feel the idols who debuted before were real celebrities and they had this vibe but now it's just anyone," "yeah, idol group members these days I feel it's someone I see down the street," "Not to be rude but I feel the boy idol group members are people who just like going to the club and aren't really kids who like music," "Yeah, also their makeup is too much," and "I realized that the boy idol concept is the same after seeing music awards, lol."

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Friday, April 2, 2021

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Friday, April 2, 2021

It's an oversaturated market. You have too many groups hopping on the same trend machine. It gets old fast.


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