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Rapper Huh In Chang calls out producer Hoony Hoon for lying about coming up with the stage name "G-Dragon"


Rapper Huh In Chang called out producer Hoony Hoon for lying.

On March 18th, Rapper Hun In Change made a post on his social media saying, "I'm speechless. Hoony, please stop lying brazenly," along with a photo of the producer appearing on the March 17 broadcast of MBC's 'Radio Star.'

Rapper Huh In Chang continued to say, "What do you mean you gave G-Dragon his name? You weren't even there when I met G-Dragon for the first time and gave him that name."

Hoony Hoon appeared 'Radio Star' and told the story of how G-Dragon got his stage name and claimed that he had given him that name. Hoony Hoon explained, "When I asked G-Dragon his name, he said it was Ji Yong, so I changed it to an English name taking the English letter 'G' since it sounds like 'Ji' and 'Dragon' since the Korean word for Dragon is 'yong.' That's how I made his name."

In anger, rapper Huh In Chang explained, "When I saw Jiyong (G-Dragon) for the first time and decided to record together, I was the one that gave him the stage name G-Dragon. Then, I decided to give you some of the parts to the song 'My age thirteen' after we finished writing the lyrics. I can't believe you would change the story like that."

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29 days ago

It was so long ago, he may not have intentionally lied. That could be his (distorted) recollection. lol Same goes for the rapper. Let's read Ji Yong side.

By the way, can anyone tell me, was there someone else named "G-Dragon" before Mr. Kwon?


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blackvelvet-once543 pts 29 days ago 1
29 days ago

Why does it even matter lmao 💀


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