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Netizens frown upon some fans' extreme, 'violent' behavior in the chat during IZ*ONE's online concert


Some fans expressed that they felt uncomfortable while viewing IZ*ONE's day 1 show of their farewell online concert, 'One, The Story'.

While IZ*ONE worked hard to deliver a fantastic experience for all of their global fans before the end of their promotions next month, some netizens felt that a portion of the group's fandom acted "disrespectfully" during the concert, by flooding the fans' chat space with their demands. 

Throughout the concert, the live chat space meant for fans to communicate with IZ*ONE during the show was filled with the comment, "WIZ*ONE demands renewal of IZ*ONE's contract."

Netizens reacted to the incident with comments like, 

"If I were the members, I would be scared seeing people acting that crazy."
"Those so called 'fans' have no respect for anyone, they just want whatever they want and they don't care how many people they make uncomfortable."
"Are they some extreme cult or something..?"
"Can you imagine how those crazies would have acted if this was an in-person concert..."
"Why would they act like that during an event that's supposed to be happy and fun? Use that energy to cheer on your idols instead."
"While the members are crying and apologizing, their 'fans' are attacking them with some twisted sense of 'affection'." 
"If you're really thinking of the members then you wouldn't act that way. That's all out of their own selfishness."
"Honestly, I'm disappointed that IZ*ONE is disbanding too, but seeing this violent behavior, I think it might be best."
"It's not the members' faults, but in the end the ones being terrorized and attacked are the girls..."
"The last thing that IZ*ONE will remember about their fans..."
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miameow233,074 pts Saturday, March 13, 2021 9
Saturday, March 13, 2021

I know they must be sad but izone was debuted as a project group. It has already happened three times I don't know why they kept their hopes up. It is confirmed to be the girl's last concert and this is what the so called fans do.

The girls must be sad too and instead of ending it with good memories this is what they do.

And these fans need to realize that the moment they debuted their companies already made plans . A group having members of different companies is difficult to manage and might have conflicting views


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hyorini18 pts Saturday, March 13, 2021 8
Saturday, March 13, 2021

Fact: The concert was promoted as "the first concert in 2021", "Our story will continue to be together". and the disbandment announced just before three days concert held, the moment tickets became non-refundable.

They supposed to announce that it was the last concert before selling the tickets and that's how izone fans are upset now.

and they tried to do the chatting thing well organized since they didn't want to ruin the concert. They planned to do it only for the very last song. It was a message for the staff. I agree it became out of control since too many viewers though.

All wizones were so angry watching the end of the concert. CJ did some stupid thing without girls' consent. They played 'goodbye video' and the girls begged staff not to play it. but they played and forced girls to talk about it. Girls were all crying. I've never seen hyewon crying like that before. and girls had to do read the goodbye scripts on the prompt. They couldn't refuse it since it was a live broadcast.

That made the wizone so mad. They didn't expect to see it on the first day and they are afraid of what's left on the 2nd day.

The goodbye video is a video that girls saying goodbye to members. It turned out that the video was filmed on March.9. Yes, just 4 days before the concert held, and just one day before Mnet's statement released.

What agency takes a video for the concert just 4 days before it held?

Many wizones are guessing that the disbandment might be announced to the girls on Mar.9, because their outfit was exactly the same as the photo shared through private mail on the day.

As all wizones know, some girls in the video were crying from the beginning. They were already crying even before they take the video.

Just 10 days ago, at the Universe Fan Party, Wonyoung and Sakura said, "We will see you more often! So Please wait for us!". They said this just 10 days before the mnet's statement released. The fandoms never thought this concert will be the last one at that time. Maybe the girls didn't know about it too. This concert was so weird and wizones are so confused now.

Please try to understand how CJ treated their artist and fandoms so badly, why they are so upset now.


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