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Korean Media reports that BTS's V is the most in-demand actor in South Korea right now


It is a long due wish of k-drama lovers all around the world to see BTS's V return to acting after his very successful stunt in playing the captivating role of Hansung in ‘Hwarang; The Poet Warrior Youth.’ While V hasn’t taken up any acting projects after 2016, it was revealed that due to his huge potential as an actor, major drama production companies have been seeking him out desperately ever since.

A news report by the Korean media outlet, starnews, broke the internet earlier today by revealing that V has been receiving ‘love-calls’ from various drama production companies, with the offered appearance fee matching that of Korea’s highest-paid actor and Hallyu star, Kim Soo-Hyun of ‘It’s okay to not be okay’ fame.

It was also mentioned how Kim Soo-Hyun, who has completed 15 years as an actor, is paid 500M KRW (440,000 USD) per episode, but as expectations and the craze to see V act continue to rise, he is receiving offers on a pay scale greater than 500M KRW. In short, V is the most in-demand actor in Korea, merely after acting in one drama 5 years ago.

After the article was released, it trended at #16 on Daum’s Entertainment section and took Twitter by storm as fans aggressively and passionately discussed the kinds of roles that V should take up and marveled at the might of their idol, Kim Taehyung. ‘Kim Taehyung’ and ‘Actor Taehyung’ trended on Twitter in multiple countries.

Fans were even more ecstatic pertaining to the fact that V has, on various occasions, expressed his desire to play a psychologically twisted role like Heath Ledger as the joker. ARMYs were seen split into two camps, with some manifesting for him to star in a psychological thriller, while the others wanting to see him in a light-hearted romantic series.

After BTS’s latest appearances on Korean variety and talk- shows, the Korean public's demand to see V in a drama has grown tremendously. Curtsy to V’s angelic visuals and his deep voice, the expectations for his acting comeback have increased.

After ‘YouQuiz on the Block’ was aired, a post praising V trended with over 100k views on Nate, with netizens expressing the need to see Actor Taehyung. Some commented, “He went to a variety show and filmed a movie,” “Aren't you going to make V act? What a waste,” and “He looks like a classic French actor’.

The article did mention factors like busy schedules and the company’s restrictions stopping V from pursuing his acting career further, but fans and the Korean public are not ready to have that conversation. With every appearance, V continues to spread his wings, and the pressure on the company keeps mounting. 

With his huge and raw potential, it’s only a matter of time that V takes the silver screen by storm and becomes the undefeated king of acting. While he already is Korea’s top vocalist and probably the best performer, witnessing his domain expansion into the acting world through his upcoming endeavors is something everyone is waiting for.

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Actor Kim Taehyung needs comeback 💜 We want to see him acting 😍😍😍


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King 🔥😘 that's it 🔥😘



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