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Dispatch's text message evidence reveals Park Hye Soo's alleged bullying victims are lying


Dispatch has revealed text messages between actress Park Hye Soo and her alleged bullying victims.

The revealed past text messages and interviews by Dispatch reveal the accusations made against the 'Hello, My Twenties!' and 'Introverted Boss' actress are false. According to the media outlet, the alleged bullying victims were actually friends with Park Hye Soo during middle school. The statements by netizens claiming to be Park Hye Soo's former classmates and bullying victims cannot be verified, and Dispatch met up with students who attended Daecheong Middle School with the actress and also obtained her cell phone records. 

Netizen 'A', who's a year younger than Park Hye Soo, claimed actress would hit her in the head and pit students against each other in middle school. However, text messages reveal 'A' and Park Hye Soo were close friends even after their middle school graduation, and though they attended different high schools in 2011, they still remained in touch even until she appeared on 'K-Pop Star 4' in 2014. 'A' also wrote Park Hye Soo a letter for her birthday in 2011 and sent a text message of support in 2015. 

Dispatch also interviewed classmate 'K' who witnessed the fight between 'A' and Park Hye Soo. 'K' stated, "'A' was hit by Park Hye Soo? That's funny. They were always close, but they had a misunderstanding. On that day, they started fighting while talking to each other, but I don't remember who grabbed whose head first. Hye Soo got pushed up against a wall, hit a locker, and got a nosebleed. I took Hye Soo to the nurse's office. It's not true that 'A' was the only person hit. The two reconciled a few days later. 'A' liked saying 'Hye Soo unni.'"

'A': Unni, did you get a perm?
Park Hye Soo: I'm so screwed. It looks so much like a bob-cut.
'A': But unni has it... Whatever you do, you look pretty.
P: Why are you like this. Making me feel shy.
'A': I'll show you my hair later.

'A': Unni, is your exam done?
Park Hye Soo: I have Monday's exam still.
'A': So you can't hang out?
P: I'm just going to karaoke with (a friend). Why, what are you doing?
'A': I'm also going to karaoke. I finished my exam today, so I'm going to Daechi-dong!
P: What time are you coming? 
'A': I'll let you know later.

'A': Unni, I'll see you soon.
P: Okay, let me know when you get to Daechi-dong.
'A': Let me stay overnight at your place.
P: Eh, I don't know about that. The situation is different now.
'A': Ah, but then we can't hang out until late.
P: There are others who can do that for you. Isn't there someone who can let you stay over?
'A': I guess, but I want to hang out with you!

'A': Unni! Did you make it into the K-Pop Academy?
P: What?
'A': Did you do well? / I saw up to the part where you passed on the broadcast.
P: Ah, I didn't tell  you about the broadcast yet!
'A': You sing really well... / Let's go for 1st place.
P: I can't win. / There are so many people who are good.
'A': That might be true, but you're also good. Don't lose hope, do your best, and it would be nice if you could get 1st place.
P: Thanks, 'A'.

In January of 2015, 'A' also sent a text message, stating, "Unni, I'm so proud of you. I'm watching 'K-Pop Star' after my interview, and you're the best. Better than anyone else."

'B' is also claiming to be a victim of Park Hye Soo's alleged school bullying, but after Dispatch went through the texts between 'B' and the actress, no abusive language or problematic words were found. Text messages about alleged bullying at the karaoke room, however, could not be restored. Other text messages reveal Park Hye Soo checking in on 'B's grandmother and asking to study together.

'B': We were supposed to go to the study room, and then go to karaoke after. / But you didn't let us know and went to karaoke with another group instead? / Just now, I was worried about you and called out your name. / But you ignored me and weren't paying attention, just talking to someone else instead.
P: That's not what happened. / My phone was off, and I turned it on when I got home. / I went to karaoke because the others were waiting for me. / I'm very sorry about what happened earlier. I wasn't in my right mind because of (student).

As 'B' claimed to have been assaulted by Park Hye Soo in front of 20 other students, Dispatch interviewed those who could have attended and found 'B' was lying about a number of claims. According to the fellow students, Park Hye Soo was not present at the karaoke room, student 'C' was the one who committed the assault, Park Hye Soo joined the group at the playground, and male student 'D' committed assault at the playground. Two individuals also stated the physical assault on the playground was started by a male student, and 'B' and 'D' reconciled after the fight. 

One student 'K' interviewed also stated Park Hye Soo was in fact the victim of bullying after transferring from Jangpyeong Middle School to Daecheong Middle School as another student had flipped her lunch tray on purpose. Student 'L' further expressed Park Hye Soo would often call her crying as she was discriminated for her "Gangbuk smell," which refers to an area of northern Seoul by the mountains. 

'L' stated, "I was the vice president of the class during the second semester of 7th grade. She was popular with the students. She never went through anything like this at Jangpyeong. She would often come up to Jangam-dong, where she used to live, because she had a hard time at Daecheong Middle School."

Both 'A' and 'B' have not responded to Dispatch's requests for an interview.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

That was a Good job dispatch.. i think instead of stalking celebs dating..u should start digging all these drug scandal and bullying..its really helpful

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Wow, talk about great friends... Remember folks. Choose your friends wisely.

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