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Jessi talks about what she thinks of Psy as a producer and CEO of an entertainment agency


P NATION and JYP Entertainment are beginning to prepare their boy group project 'LOUD.'

Last year J.Y. Park & Psy invited contestants to audition for their newest SBS boy group survival project, 'LOUD.' Since then, the two entertainment companies and the broadcast company SBS has been in preparation to launch the new show.

Ahead of the release, Jessi sat down with Psy to talk about her opinions of the producer as the CEO of an entertainment company.

Jessi began by saying, "It's really hard to get a good grade from Psy. You have to be really good." Then she continued to say, "Psy does look at skills too much but rather the person's star potential. I don't think he looks too much into visuals. I mean because, if you look at Psy, his visuals are really 'Wow' but what's important is Psy has charisma" making Psy laugh in the background.

Jessi continued to praise Psy that he would be much better at making a boy group rather than JYP. Jessi pointed out, "Psy when he gets into something, he gets fully absorbed in it. So what I'm worried about is that he won't love us as much after."

Psy added, "Jessi said she has to finish all her music production before we release 'LOUD' and finish her album work" making Jessi laugh.

Meanwhile, the contestants who demonstrate their potential will have the chance to receive training and the guidance of JYP Entertainment's head producer J.Y. Park, and P-Nation's head producer/global superstar Psy.

SBS's boy group survival program 'LOUD' is expected to soon launch sometime in 2021.

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hiroonakamura4,283 pts Friday, February 5, 2021 0
Friday, February 5, 2021

whoever wrote this article needs to get better at english. a bunch of the translations are wrong because instead of saying "his visuals aren't really 'Wow' " you write "his visuals are really 'Wow' "



DMV2DMZ1,460 pts Saturday, February 6, 2021 0
Saturday, February 6, 2021

I think it would be funny if the guys end up ignoring JYP's advice and only listen to PSY in the series.

I hope P-Nation does not lose sight of establishing themselves in a way that sets them apart from the others as the artist's artist agency. They can do that with Jessi and Hyuna who are on the leading edge of the soloist side of the music. Both can be legendary if they keep their music quality up and consistent.



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