Posted by Sophie-Ha Friday, February 5, 2021

Netizens angered as the production team for a popular drama take a large group photo together


The world continues its efforts to end the COVID19 pandemic as many countries follow strict quarantine rules. One of the countries with such strict COVID19 quarantine guidelines and measures is South Korea.

South Korea had once taken control of the number of COVID19 outbreaks, but there was a surge in number as Korean citizens began to travel outside. Due to the increase in COVID19 patients, the local governments strengthen the quarantine guidelines in an attempt to decrease the number of infected individuals.

Local governments such as the Seoul Metropolitan government offices issued a ban on collective gatherings during the holiday season, preventing more than five people from gathering in one location. Also, broadcast stations are changing guidelines in showing celebrities follow these strict rules by wearing masks on TV as netizens complained that celebrities do not portray the proper examples of following the quarantine measures. 

Since then, there have been great changes even in the entertainment industries as film production teams closely follow quarantine guidelines while producing dramas and movies. Recently, Korean netizens became utterly speechless as they discovered a group photo of a popular drama's production team.

One netizen posted this photo in an online community and expressed their anger at the production team that was seen not following any of the guidelines. In the photo, the production team of numerous people are not seen wearing masks and are closely huddled together to take a group photo.

It was revealed that this was the photo for the production team of 'True Beauty' and seemed like a group photo celebrating the final filming of the drama. 

After seeing the photos, angry Korean netizens gathered to the online community to criticize the production team. They commented, "This really angers me. Only about ten people are wearing masks and the rest of the hundred people are not," "Do the people in the entertainment industry think they have a superhuman immune system?" "Why are these people not fined for collective gathering?" "Other production teams wear masks and wear gloves. This team is the only weird one," "That's the photo that Cha Eun Woo posted?" and "Wow, the people of Korea are trying to put an end to COVID, but these people just don't care."

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SowonderfulBlue438 pts Friday, February 5, 2021 0
Friday, February 5, 2021

I don't think the people that are commenting here understand how exposure works. These people aren't only seeing each other in their everyday lives. We are still always at risk for exposure. The only way you are not is if you never go outside and have everything delivered to you. But when you go to the store for food and essentials, you are still at risk. You are at risk if you don't wash your hands or clean common surfaces like phones and credit cards. While you know you see each other on a regular basis, you never know where each and every person you work with goes and who they come in contact with. We only minimize risk by wearing masks and social distancing, but it doesn't make it disappear. This is a huge cast and they are all crammed just to take this picture. While the intentions are good, the reality is that it highly increases the risk because imagine if one of those staff members unknowingly had it. I hope people take this seriously and don't think of this just as an issue to take lightly just because it's netizens who happen to be angry about it. This is real.



remember-this348 pts Friday, February 5, 2021 4
Friday, February 5, 2021

Netizens are talking too much these days. 😒


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