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Track List:

1. My Turn

2. Call my name

3. Mammoth

4. Bad Habits

5. Moonlight

6. Dangerous

7. Give me your love

CRAVITY returns with the latest season of their HIDEOUT series. HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE is a 7 song release filled with several powerful and unique tracks. The group's chosen title, "My Turn," is a really interesting decision. The song is a nice balance of charisma, intensity, and fun with a keen ability to showcase the group's strengths. Though I saw some buzz regarding the lyricism, I felt that the "VROOM VROOM VROOM VROOM VROOM SKRRT" was actually just enough! This trap-inspired pop song has a likable progression that easily gets stuck in your head.

"Call my name" immediately changes the feeling evoked by "My Turn." With an intense and wispy vocal intro, this song follows the EDM theme. "Call my name" is a downtempo electronic song that's heavy on the synth and ballad vocals. "Mammoth" is a similar type of EDM to "Call my name," but a bit more hip-hop than pop. Again, they utilize a similar lyric styling as their title track with their use of a sort of rhythmic chanting into the chorus.

"BAD HABITS" drops the pop sound and goes straight to hip-hop. With an infectious and intriguing bassline, the song's focal point is the whispered delivery. It punctuates the rest of the song really well and is a pretty charismatic show of their confidence. "Moonlight" quickly reverts to the previous EDM theme and is really heavy on the instrumental. Out of all the songs, "Moonlight" had the least appealing instrumental, but some of the best vocals. Perhaps it's the fact that the song has a really abrasive chorus that takes away from the rest of the song a bit.

"Dangerous" is sleek and cool in contrast and has a bouncy house beat that carries the melody well. I felt that this song was overall a neutral addition to the album. "Give me your love" is the album's OST-sounding finale track, and it has quite a convincing performance that's a bit more refined and gentle than the rest of the album. The song is both expected (to be downtempo as the last song) and a surprise (for its stark contrast to the rest of the album). Overall, CRAVITY's album felt more like singles than a cohesive album, but the songs themselves were quite good.


CRAVITY's music video for "My Turn" is visually-appealing and intoxicatingly hypnotizing. This MV did not miss a single beat, from the cool basketball shots to the ultra-sleek racer aesthetic (clad with sports cars!). Starship Entertainment really went all out on this CRAVITY MV, and it paid off. Even the scenes with clear editing don't feel cheap or sleazy; instead, the MV evokes a really chic and sophisticated vibe that fits with the vocal styling of "My Turn" really well. Though the MV was more performance-focused than plot or concept focused, the overall MV was enjoyable and well-shot. Kudos to the set designer as well for some really amazing visuals.


MV Relevance…..7

MV Production…..10

MV Concept……..8

MV Score: 8.33


Album Production…...8

Album Concept……...7


Album Score: 6.67

Overall: 7.5

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