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Red Velvet's Wendy reveals how she manages her money


Red Velvet's Wendy revealed how she manages her idol money.

On the January 29th episode of 'Mysterious Record Shop', Wendy was asked whether she was taking more of an interest in finances as someone in her twenties. She responded, "I'm not interested yet, but I want to find out."

The Red Velvet member then revealed her parents still managed her accounts, saying, "I leave everything up to my parents. I trust them. I want to learn and do more from now on, but I'm worried because it might be dangerous."

'Mysterious Record Shop' marks Wendy's first MC spot since her debut. 

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It is not uncommon for parents to have full control of the assets of their children until the age of 30. It is sort of an unwritten rule. Until they turn 30 kids do not have full control of their money. Parents will “guide” their kids with their finances throughout their 20s to “help” them build assets to buy a home and eventually marry. No matter your status, many Koreans hold true to this belief still today. So to hear that Wendy has her parents manage her financial portfolio is really not shocking to anyone who knows the culture of Korean familial hierarchy.


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28 days ago

She's very lucky to have such trustworthy parents



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