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"My mom got to live a few more weeks thanks to J.Y. Park," Rain talks about how his mentor J.Y. Park came to his aid


Rain, who is recently promoting as a duo with his mentor J.Y. Park recently revealed a sad story from his past.

Rain appeared as a guest on the SBS variety show 'My Little Old Boy' that aired on January 3rd. On this day, Rain revealed his anecdote with J.Y. Park that touched the heart of the viewers.

He explained, "I'm sure everyone knows about my family situation in the past. We went through a hard time because my family didn't have enough money to pay for my mother's medical fees."

At the time, Rain explained that he had no one who could help him even if he sought help from those around him. 

While becoming disheartened, Rain confessed that J.Y. Park was the only one who accepted his request and helped him.

Rain explained, "it was a situation where my mother could survive if we went to the hospital. So I messaged J.Y. Park at the year-end saying, 'Hyung save me. I don't have money to take my mom to the hospital.' I was only in high school, so I couldn't even get a loan."

Upon receiving the request, J.Y. Park immediately canceled all schedules and headed to Rain. J.Y. Park then carried Rain's sick mother on his back to bring her to the hospital.

Rain recalled back to this time and expressed his gratitude saying, "Thanks to Jinyoung hyung, my mother was able to live 2-3 weeks more," and explained that he still expresses his gratitude to this day.

Meanwhile, Rain had a difficult childhood after his father's business failed, and his mother became sick.

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maya19960 pts Monday, January 4, 2021 0
Monday, January 4, 2021

JYP is truly an honourable and respectable man.



ImmaculateLoser639 pts Monday, January 4, 2021 0
Monday, January 4, 2021

JYP seems like a genuine guy. Even when artists leave his company he wishes them well, and gives his support. I also love that he seems to value his artists physical and mental health. It should have always been the norm for idols to get regular mental health checks, and be able to take a break if they need it. I see other companies starting to follow suit, but it shouldn't have taken this long for mental health to be a priority.

On another note....as much as I love Rain...that hair is a no no, lol. He's to fine for his hair to be looking a mess. 😆 Looking straight out of a early 2000s TVXQ video.



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