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"Where were you 12 years ago? You're only doing this now to get views and subscribers," Residents criticize YouTubers flocking in front of Cho Doo Soon's house


It was utter chaos in front of Cho Doo Soon's residence as dozens of people, including news reporters, protesters, and YouTubers, flock to the area.

Enraged YouTubers gathered in front of Cho Doo Soon's house in protest as they attempted to cause damage to his home. With much noise, the residents around the area have filed a complaint as YouTubers continue to gather around the location and cause disruption to the neighborhood.

One resident openly criticized the YouTubers saying, "All you who are doing a broadcast here now, where were you twelve years ago? Why are you here now? What were you doing when the victim's family stood in front of the court with picket signs after Cho Doo Soon was sentenced to only twelve years? What were you doing then? You had no interest twelve years ago."

He continued to reprimand them, saying, "You are all here doing this now just to get views and increase subscribers. You're only doing this to beg for star balloons (AfreecaTV donations). Justice? Justice my ***, you're all gathered here to earn money."

Other residents also shared their thoughts on the matter as they commented, "What difference would it make if you come here and honk your cars all night? It only disrupts the neighborhood and makes it hard for the residents here. It would be better if you guys went in front of the court with pickets and do a peaceful protest."

Netizens joined in on the criticism as they commented in an online community, "I bet you those people wouldn't even have gone all the way there if it wasn't for their online broadcast," "These people use justice as an excuse to get views and money," "It's true that Cho Doo Soon committed a heinous crime, but if these YouTubers were really after justice, they should have gathered when the Telegram N chat room happened," "This resident is so right, these YouTubers are recording for attention to their channel. It's disgusting," and"These YouTubers are only being selective and causing more problems."

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pink_oracle10,485 pts Wednesday, December 16, 2020 27
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

To be fair, 12 years ago most of them would have been kids themselves.


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aelis402 pts Wednesday, December 16, 2020 0
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

12 years ago, Youtube was only 2 lol

Whatever, nowadays youtubers became a new form of alternative journalism, they just make the same mess as soon as there is a sensational subject



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