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The '2020 Raspberry Film Festival' selects the worst movies and actors of 2020


If the U.S. has the 'Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies)' picking the worst cinematic films, Korea has the 'Raspberry Film Festival' giving the trophies to the worst films in Korea.

For the 'Raspberry Film Festival,' a news media outlet conducted a survey of 25 reporters in charge of the film industry to vote for the worst films released starting from December 1st of 2019 to November 30th of 2020. Each reporter was given three categories to vote in and selected the worst film, the worst acting, and the worst manners.

This year, the worst film was awarded to 'The Golden Holiday' starring Kwak Do Won. Not only that, the actor was able to take home two golden crowns as he was also named the actor with the worst manners of 2020.

The reporters chose 'The Golden Holiday' as the worst film as they all agreed the film was not funny and did not have an interesting plot. Nine out of the twenty-five reporters voted for this film as they criticized the film for its anachronistic production, sloppy development, and bland comedy. 

The production cost about 9.1 billion KRW (8.3 million USD) but was able to barely bring in 530,000 viewers at the box office. The reporters said their reasons for the selection was "The production of the movie was poorly executed," "The movie was not funny nor was it fun," and "There is no reason to pay money to watch this film."

The second film on the list was the movie 'Road Family' starring A Pink's Chorong. The movie premiered in July but did not gain the audience's attention with poor acting skills and only accumulated 5,477 viewers at the box office. Eight out of the twenty-five reporters voted on 'Road Family' as the worst film.

The next category for the voting was the worst acting in which Chorong receive the most votes. Chorong entered the movie industry through the movie 'Road Family' after nine years since her debut in 2011. However, she was highly criticized for her 'Robot-like' acting as she could not portray or deliver the deep emotions in the film. She received criticism such as "This is the worst acting from an idol group member," and  "She really needs some acting training."

Second in voting for the worst actor was Bae Jung Nam, who appeared in 'Mr.Zoo: The Missing VIP' and 'Okay! Madam'. 

The last category in the 'Raspberry Film Festival' was the worst manners, which is a category examining the attitude, behavior, and personality of actors. Actor Kwak Do Won was voted as the worst this year despite being known for his exceptional acting skills.

Kwak Do Won played lead characters in two movies this year, including 'The Golden Holiday' and 'Steel Rain 2: Summit'. Despite being in two films as a leading actor, Kwak Do Won did not appear in any interviews about the film. After being embroiled in rumors of assaulting a filming staff member in June, he did not respond to any promotional interviews for his movies. On the other hand, he appeared in a series of entertainment variety shows that can display his image differently. He was criticized for "appearing on television shows without any explanation about the assault incident and portraying himself to be a kind person."

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

oh no I feel bad for chorong ☹️



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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Chorong was "so wrong." She seemed liked a bystander who somehow wandered on to the movie set.


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