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"The fan was actually able to summon Baekhyun," Baekhyun responds to one of his fans' tweets


On December 28th, EXO's fans were happy to see responses from Baekhyun as he took the time to reply to his fans' tweets.

EXO's Baekhyun is well known for actively interacting with fans on social media as he often responds to his fans' tweets. This is one of the reasons he is loved by many people - he often interacts with his fans by talking to them as if talking to his close friends. He leaves witty responses to the tweets making many laugh to themselves.

Translation: Baekhyun, I'll go see you as soon as the COVID ends. Baekhyun: Me too, hehe

Translation: I'm not afraid of my twenties...if I'm with Baekhyun. Baekhyun: Welcome to the 20s! Let's spend it fruitfully!

Translation: I can see the heart in Baekhyun's ear so well!!!. Baekhyun: I told you it was there!!

Recently, one fan posted two photos of her massive collection of Baekhyun photo cards laid out in a large circle. She tweeted the photos saying, "The magic circle to summon Baekhyun," to which Baekhyun responded, "Wow."

After seeing the tweet, other netizens commented, "The fan was actually able to summon Baekhyun with her magic circle, lol," "Oh wow, all the photos seem to be Baekhyun. She must have traded so much to collect all that," "I think those are over 300 cards," and "The fan must be so happy to get Baekhyun's response."

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i didn't know baekhyun has a heart in his ear. thats so cute

wah some fans are so lucky

baekhyun fans get constant chats & attention

stays constantly brag about how nice bang chan is to them and how warm and fluffy his hugs are. yesterday istg they were trending about how bang chan is their safe place and he saved their lives etc

hanbin and his fans do superhero stuff together



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