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Netizens vote if they like LOONA's concept before or after Lee Soo Man changed it


K-Pop girl group LOONA has steadily gained popularity overseas as they have made their place in one of the popular girl groups.

When LOONA made its debut, they started with a feminine, girly, and oneiric concept. The girls were often seen wearing pleated skirts, silk blouses, and lace one-piece dresses.

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Then this year, SM Entertainment's founder Lee Soo Man became in charge of LOONA's directing, in which the group went through a complete image change. Rather than the delicate and lovely image, LOONA took on the 'girl-crush' strong female lead concept with powerful choreography and dominating visuals that are much more mature than before. 

One netizen mentioned in an online community that LOONA has been performing much better after Lee Soo Man took over their directing. Since their image change, LOONA was able to enter the Billboard 200 chart at rank 112 with their new album '12:00'.

Still, netizens have been discussing on the online community which concept they like better. They commented, "I actually found out about them after Lee Soo Man's directing, so I guess I like their concept now," "I think the results are important, so the concept they have now is best," "I liked their concept before, to be honest, it was more unique," "I liked their previous concept and their songs were really good," "I like their concept now too but I think I really liked their concept before," "I think right now is much better, before I knew that concept wouldn't bring them success," and "I like their concept now actually, Lee Soo Man really has a good eye for idols."

Let us know which concepts you like better in the comments below!

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naaali1,492 pts Thursday, December 17, 2020 4
Thursday, December 17, 2020

Loona was already getting more popular after Butterfly, fans were just waiting for a comeback, I'd bet that they would've received the same if not extremely similar results if LSM wasn't there. Maybe I'm biased, but I never really saw Loona as a "girly" concept. They were all over the place(in the best way possible) with their debut and everything. It was refreshing, very girl power positive without being the cliche girl crush(don't get me wrong I like girl crush too). I guess when I first listen to So What, it didn't really feel like Loona to me. That being said I haven't been the most involved fan, I still like them, but I just don't have the same interest as I used to. I think maybe the switch in concepts was so abrupt. Loona can 100% do girl crush and kill it, ig I'm just super suspicious of LSM. I don't trust he has the best interest for Loona.

Also this is super random but I feel lieke Voice should've been the title track, and Why Not should've been the bside they promoted with it. I hope people don't simmer Loona down to just the girly concept or the girl crush concept. To me, they kind of feel like a more experimental GFriend. GFriend was known for cuter concepts(even though they didn't only do that), but their transition to what they do know feels very right and comfortable. Either way, I just hope Loona likes what they do cuz that's all that matters really.


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BakaKaori861 pts Thursday, December 17, 2020 1
Thursday, December 17, 2020

I preferred their sound before, but it isn't a genuine comparison to say they had a girly/feminine concept before and now have a girl crush concept. They've always had a mix of styles, which can be seen when looking at the b-sides of their debut album or the solo songs the girls released pre-debut.


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